indirect evidence

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evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute

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However, the overall domain of autoimmune diseases can be classified on indirect evidence based on generation of autoimmune disease in animals, direct evidence acquired from the transfer of antibody and circumstantial evidence.
There's some indirect evidence that overheating can affect the baby's health, but so long as you limit your time in the tub, don't make it too hot, and get out if you start to feel hot or light-headed (a sign that your body temperature is rising), any risk will be minimised.
A team led by geomicrobiologist Kurt Konhauser at the University of Alberta decided to look for indirect evidence.
Purpose: Currently, sternal precautions (SP) have several limitations including that they: 1) have no universally accepted definition, 2) are often based on anecdotal / expert opinion or at best supported by indirect evidence, 3) are mostly applied uniformly for all patients without regard to individual differences, and 4) may be overly restrictive and therefore impede ideal recovery.
Carriers claim that there is indirect evidence for a cartel agreement on the fuel market, but nothing indicates that, for instance Lukoil is abusing its dominant position on the market.
Presbytery was only presented with indirect evidence (the confidential report of the investigating commission) and the court was held in camera.
Because T pallidum is too fragile an organism to be cultured in the clinical setting, diagnostic testing relies on two approaches: direct detection of the organism and indirect evidence of infection.
The manuscript not only reveals how western grammarians thought in the 18th century, but is also likely to offer indirect evidence of what Indian grammarians said about Sanskrit at that time.
It is extremely difficult to find him guilty based solely on the indirect evidence presented in the lower court rulings,'' Presiding Judge Tokiyasu Fujita said.
Indirect evidence suggests that the relative risk for MI may be increased sevenfold in women with PCOS, Dr.
Though actual fragments of string or cordage are very rare in the Palaeolithic, indirect evidence in the form of perforated beads, fishing net weights and cord impressed pottery occurs worldwide.
By linking the resistance data to the patients' drug histories, there was indirect evidence linking this decrease to changes in prescribing patterns.
It may be that courts have forgotten the basic structure of discrimination claims because most contemporary actions involve indirect evidence possibly also suggesting the effectiveness of Title VII.
Indirect evidence suggests that fatigue may be more closely associated with heavy-headedness and frontal headache than with local nasal symptoms.