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large dark-blue nonvenomous snake that invades burrows

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There are other reasons for their dwindling numbers: Some people kill indigo snakes simply because they are snakes, while others--poachers--collect them for the pet trade.
Animals that Benefit: Green jay, chachalaca, ocelot, jaguarundi, red-crowned parrot, indigo snake, buff-bellied hummingbird
Black bears move through the corridor, which also provides habitat connectivity for endangered species like the red-cockaded woodpecker, indigo snakes and gopher tortoises.
Their neighbors include bald eagles, fox squirrels, indigo snakes and butterfly orchids.
The beneficiaries from what will be a total of 220,000 trees of 60 native species include: ocelots, red-headed parrots, and indigo snakes, as well as an increase in the potential for ecotourism and bird-watching.