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a pop group not affiliated with a major record company

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an independent film company not associated with an established studio

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(of pop groups) not affiliated with a major recording company

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As to setting them on shore, I told them indeed that was an exceeding difficulty to us, for that the ship was bound to the East Indies; and though we were driven out of our course to the westward a very great way, and perhaps were directed by Heaven on purpose for their deliverance, yet it was impossible for us wilfully to change our voyage on their particular account; nor could my nephew, the captain, answer it to the freighters, with whom he was under charter to pursue his voyage by way of Brazil; and all I knew we could do for them was to put ourselves in the way of meeting with other ships homeward bound from the West Indies, and get them a passage, if possible, to England or France.
I thought this was but a reasonable request on their part, and therefore I inclined to agree to it; for indeed I considered that to carry this whole company to the East Indies would not only be an intolerable severity upon the poor people, but would be ruining our whole voyage by devouring all our provisions; so I thought it no breach of charter-party, but what an unforeseen accident made absolutely necessary to us, and in which no one could say we were to blame; for the laws of God and nature would have forbid that we should refuse to take up two boats full of people in such a distressed condition; and the nature of the thing, as well respecting ourselves as the poor people, obliged us to set them on shore somewhere or other for their deliverance.
When I say all the French went on shore, I should remember that the young priest I spoke of, hearing we were bound to the East Indies, desired to go the voyage with us, and to be set on shore on the coast of Coromandel; which I readily agreed to, for I wonderfully liked the man, and had very good reason, as will appear afterwards; also four of the seamen entered themselves on our ship, and proved very useful fellows.
From hence we directed our course for the West Indies, steering away S.
On his arrival in England, therefore, Captain Phips solicited the king to let him have another vessel and send him back again to the West Indies.
The permanent update comes after Apple's current sale on indie titles.
All CEW indie Beauty Award entrants and exhibitors are invited to attend the IAG launch held prior to the Demo to network with IAG participants and other indie brands, and to attend panels on hot-button topics relevant to indie brands.
He says: "Part of me wonders if Indie is not really bothered by any of it and it's all in my head.
As Indie travels between the two dimensions, she is faced with increasingly difficult situations--discovering her surroundings, locating Paige, and taking part in an epic battle.
Keltie Knight of the entertainment news program, “The Insider” will grace the cover of the fall 2014 print issue of Indie Chick Magazine.
As the story slowly unfolds, we learn how kind-hearted Indie and her boyfriend Rick have found themselves in an unspeakable mess.
Top 2011 indie film: "The Intouchables," Gaumont, $130.
Trip Runner, Super Meat Boy, Shank, and Night Sky HD, as well as the five games of the Humble Indie Bundle 4 - Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and, And Yet It Moves.
This entails navigating an increasingly contested field of empirical and historiographical studies that debate the predominance of one category over another--in particular, race versus class--in determining the character of social hierarchies in the Netherlands Indies (colonial Indonesia).
The service allows users to listen to indie music for free and purchase CDs on D-Sound MUSIC MALL, an online indie CD store on Yahoo