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Single items indicants of perceived attractiveness have been used by other researchers in this area (e.
The possibility that correlations between pornography exposure and various indicants of esteem differ as a function of sexual experience also was investigated.
However, although desire, arousal, and activity may co-occur (for discussion, see DeLamater, 1991; Kaplan, 1979), the latter do not themselves constitute adequate indicants of sexual desire.
The IP subscale examined a dancer's perception of the importance of a lean physique for dancing and for their advancement, the DE subscale investigated the concerns and influence of significant others on food intake, and the WB subscale identified behavioral indicants of eating disorders.
effort, persistence) proposed by theory as well as performance indicants.
While the coaches' perceptions of ability are significant in the determination of expectancies, we surmise that coaches may use other indicants to evaluate players.
Their athletes, on the other hand, ranked the four highest indicants of MT as: "not giving up in difficult situations," "having what it takes to perform well while under pressure," "having unshakeable confidence in one's ability," and "being able to make decisions with confidence and commitment while under pressure" (the latter two as equally important).
The partial least squares algorithm can handle categorical variables, and because it is a nonparametric technique, requires sample sizes that are only greater than five times the greatest number of indicants for a single construct or structure (in our case, 6 x 4 = 24 observations would be sufficient, per model) (Chin, 1998; Wold, 1985).
It is suggested that organizational changes in the United States during the last two decades, such as downsizing and outsourcing, have reduced the possibility of attaining of some traditional objective indicants of career success (Heslin, 2005).
716/1316) largely abandoned formal rationality in favor of substantive approaches that attributed certainty to textual indicants that "are only probable but recurrent in their meaning" (p.
Since that time, programs have been ranked with regard to the publishing prowess of their faculties (for example, Lignon, Jackson, & Thyer, 2007), student selectivity (Kirk, Kil, & Corcoran, 2009), academic reputation (for example, Green, Baskind, Fassler, & Jordan, 2006), and other purported indicants of scholarly productivity, influence, arid excellence (for example, Feldman, 2006).
As suggested in the two-stage approach, to estimate the path model with a second-order social capital construct in PLS, latent variable scores for the first-order constructs were used as indicants of the second-order construct (Chin et al.