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the earliest documented case of a disease that is included in an epidemiological study

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Family members of index cases were tested by slide agglutination tests (Rose Bengal test).
Two index cases developed in young Amish men who had just returned from a trip to the Philippines to perform charitable work among victims of a typhoon.
Outbreak duration was calculated as the number of days between the symptom onset date of the index case and the last case in the outbreak, defined as the last case in a chain of transmission to occur before 21 days passed with no new cases.
We omitted index cases in the 2014 Guinea transmission chains that were involved in funeral or hospital transmission, which resulted in [R.
The classification of leprosy of the index cases was also difficult to determine, as most cases were already treated at other centres in the past and were only rarely registered at this clinic for complications such as Type II reactions and ulcers.
a--anthropometric parameters: weight and size of the index case.
Since Figure 1 does not show effect separately for the clinical form of the index cases, cases and person-time of all control and experimental groups could be combined to a single rate for chemoprophylaxis and for control groups.
However, the initial attack rate, meaning the rate at which index cases became infected, was much higher with HlNl than with seasonal flu, as was reported worldwide.
Index cases were identified on necropsy in 2 birds on loan to another institution in 2003.
Sixty-seven (72%) index cases were women (49% identified during antenatal care).
Although they are less infectious (20-40% as infectious as a sputum smear-positive patient), sputum smear-negative index cases still pose a significant transmission risk, which is often enhanced by prolonged diagnostic delay and the fact that no preventive therapy is given to close contacts.
For fragile X syndrome 93 index cases of mental retardation and relatives were studied, distributed as follows: (1) From 11 families (more than two related persons), 71 individuals were studied.