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the strength to resist destruction

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Of course, he is not the only politician who has this amazing aura of indestructibility.
Sheer cockroach-like indestructibility is an undoubted asset but the British pick-up buyer is looking for something more.
But in the end he has to find a place for the fulcrum and lever of faith which he locates in "joy in reality's abundance and prodigality, in its atomic detail and essential indestructibility.
The seething of Jonathas's hand into constitutive components--flesh and bone--serves as a foil for the indestructibility of the consecrated Host, which not only continues to bleed, but also fails to dissolve into its constitutive ingredients, flour and water.
Seventeen years down the line there is even a kind of mawkishness in Terry's supreme devotion to his adopted west London home, not to mention his fabled indestructibility.
1) By the era of the Talmud, and certainly by the Middle Ages, this dictum of Israel's indestructibility as a nation had received tragic empirical verification.
Given God's unity, unchangeability, immovability, and indestructibility, he is also most stable.
The phone's indestructibility has inspired a whole host of memes.
And then, of course, there is the seeming indestructibility of tunes like You Must Believe In Spring - delivered with that trebly, vulnerable ballad tone that Smith does so well - and Star- Stardust, and nearly everything Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn wrote.
In both the cover story by Sonny Bunch (page 44) and the economics column by Veronique de Rugy (page 20), the Progressive Era bureaucracy known as the Department of Commerce comes under fire for crony capitalism, mission incoherence, and indestructibility.
The final shot accurately captures, if in a slightly crude manner, the unmistakable indestructibility and ubiquity of crimes and lawlessness in Boston when it visually juxtaposes the majestic Beacon Hill with a rat, a reference to Billy and Collin's secret lives that is too obvious to miss.
It was constituted through marriage, which has as main features unity and indestructibility.
However, all throughout this train of tragedy, cinema performed a yeoman role in celebrating the indestructibility and immortality of the human spirit.
A measure of Nadal's indestructibility came in the third when Djokovic played one of the best sets of his life and still didn't win it.