independent variable

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(statistics) a variable whose values are independent of changes in the values of other variables

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The basic procedure is to select the most correlated independent variable (X) with Y and find the firstorder linear regression equation.
2) We have chosen to name our second independent variable COMPETITION FOR RESOURCES as it aims at describing the competition for budgetary resources that public organizations must face in order to effectively perform their public services delivering activities.
Perform correlation analysis between dependent and independent variables
Interactions occur when two independent variables in a model do not have a constant relationship with each other.
When changes occur that are attributable to the effects of the independent variable, the study has internal validity (Poling & Grossett, 1986).
Single and multiple regressions using real physical capital, non-degreed human capital and degreed human capital as independent variables, and county income as the dependent variable were computed (Johnston 1978; Yeates 1968).
05level, the meaningful relationship exists between dependent variable (market adjusted yield) and independent variable (costs sticky).
After selecting the independent variables to analyze and performing the batch simulations in DOE2.
Model 4: To understand the impact of each independent variable while raising short term debt for private sector companies
The uniform selection of Co+, then, would demonstrate control of comparison selection by the relational statement in combination with the name of the first independent variable.
China's OFDI stock to Africa is defined as a dependent variable which means that China's OFD stock increases when the value of independent variable increases.
Mergers and Acquisitions is independent variable which influenced the employees' psychology and ultimately creates psychological distress.
The change of a system property in response to the relative change in the independent variable is called logarithmic gains.
0-litre V8 engine that offers technologies such as spray-guided direct fuel injection and dual independent variable cam timing, and a variable inlet manifold on the naturally aspirated engine.
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