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New Delhi [India], Feb 22 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to give an urgent hearing into matter mentioned by a lawyer, Manohar Lal Sharma, referring to making the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) an independent agency.
That power includes the ability to at will remove a member of an independent agency board -- a greatly expanded view of presidential authority.
Distribution channels: Independent agency, Direct response, Aggregator.
ESR), an independent agency could be required to give OIRA and to
McKinsey's conclusions encompass all agents, exclusive and independent, and there are fundamental differences between them: independent agency carriers compete for the business of their agents, causing them to take different considerations into account in managing their agency force vs.
The prestigious Independent Agency of the Year Award will be introduced to reward an individual office of an Independent agency, and in doing so, encourage the spirit of creative entrepreneurship that has helped forge so many outstanding agencies in the past.
The visits could be conducted by reserve law enforcement officers who volunteer their time, or by a small, independent agency that could be created to perform the function, Cosper said.
Allstate's three independent agency brands will operate under the Encompass umbrella starting January 1.
DCMA, one of seven combat support agencies within the Department of Defense (DoD), received that designation when it was established as an independent agency within the DoD on March 27.
Independent agency insurers controlled 52 percent of the total market in 1994, and 71.
Burch Insurance Agency - After earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia, Danny Burch gained 10 years of experience in the insurance business as a producer for a local independent agency.
Element Risk Management, an independent agency based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has announced that it has taken over Barnett Insurance Inc, an independent agency in Pittsburgh.
Every day it becomes more and more evident to me that the Independent Agency System is at a critical junction.
He contracted with an independent agency, Financial Keyosk, that is licensed in 49 states and launched Jim Fish Agencies LLC, based in Gulfport, Miss.
Judge David Yaffe ordered the area's water wholesaler to comply with the State Water Code within 90 days and gave the CLWA two options - to contract with an independent agency that is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission or allow a public agency, such as the Newhall County Water District, to run the retailer.
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