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Synonyms for independency

the condition of being politically free

Synonyms for independency

freedom from control or influence of another or others

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The announcement of the Zohr gas field discovery raised the prospect of energy independency for Egypt, or even regional dominancy as an energy exporter in the wake of the slow economic and institutional recovery after the 2011 and 2013 revolutions, as well as the damage caused to the Sinai-based gas pipelines by continued insurgencies in the peninsula by groups affiliated to the Islamic State group.
He briefed the Qatari official on the organizational structure of the Judiciary and the rules regulating the work to realize independency and justice, pointing out that the visit will support cooperation relations in regional and international forums .
Mr Al Jalahma said he had the honour to listen to the royal directives and observations on the NAO report and its regulatory role in protecting public money and maintaining the highest degrees of credibility, independency and transparency.
The document raised controversy about the credibility and independency of the Qatari NGO which was listed among 12 entities and 59 individuals labeled terrorist by the Anti-Terrorism Quartet (ATQ) -- Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain -- in June for supporting different terrorist organisations.
com)-- EON is a flexible new generation blockchain technology created by Exscudo to gain independency from the third-party developers.
Islamabad -- PPP's Senator Saleem Mandviwalla said that "PMLN government is trying to compromise the independency and regulatory status of State Bank of Pakistan by appointing a civil servant as the Governor SBP".
Mr Clapper said Mr Trump's firing of FBI director Jim Comey reflected "complete disregard for the independence and independency and autonomy" of the bureau.
Judicial bodies believed that the law is unconstitutional, violating the independency of the judiciary system.
More or less the provisions whereby the Board Member will lack independency are same in both rules.
During the meeting, the Board also highlighted the importance of independency of Islamic banking in business to avoid commingling between Islamic and conventional banking and maintain the reputation of such amenities.
The GPC president also called on all national parties for unifying efforts to force "the Saudi aggression to respect the will of the Yemeni people, the independency of Yemen and end its aggression war.
BAJAUR -- The people of Bajaur Agency demanded federal government to announce reforms package for FATA on the occasion of country's independency day so they could celebrate Independence Day with true pump and show.
Wisam Rashid, a member organizers of the demonstrations, confirmed the independency of the demonstrators and not to be dragged behind the parties, warning of attempts by some parties and forces to ride the wave of popular demonstrations to exploit their demands for their advantage .
We will continue to back Kuwait's sports, and international organizations' independency, laws, and decisions," Sheikh Salman told reporters on the sidelines of an honoring ceremony held for the outstanding workers of youth ministry.
As part of the 8th anniversary of the independency of the country, a parade, watched by thousands of people was held at Mother Teresa Square located in capital city of Pristina.
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