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the space left between the margin and the start of an indented line

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Toting a shotgun for backup, Vince led me on the trail, using primarily the bear's tracks and indentions in the ground to follow.
The blocked paragraphs seem easy on the eyes, but the fact that there are no indentions to tell you when you have approached a new paragraph is rather irritating.
The company says an advantage of a seamless screen is its smooth, even surface without bulges or indentions near the repeat.
The melamine, handled trays have circular indentions for colorful, interchangeable silicone mats that keep plates and beverages in place with no slipping or sliding.
The space bar, rather than tabs, is used where spaces or indentions are desired (Ream, 2000).
Make small indentions for your bear's eyes, nose, and bellybutton.
Such visual devices as headings, bold print, italics, indentions, enumerations, sketches, tables, newspaper reproductions, and sample letters help readers quickly absorb and retain important ideas.