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the space left between the margin and the start of an indented line

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This year California puts into effect laws mandating any new models of semi-auto introduced for sale must have the ability to "microstamp" information on a firing pin indention on a cartridge case that's been fired.
One spot that I like for redfish is a little indention in the shoreline, with a little trail, maybe 6 inches deeper than the flat.
In addition, UEB does not include formatting requirements, so the placement of headings, page numbers, blank lines, indention, preliminary pages, reference notes, and the like will not need to change.
Thus, when a liner was inverted and cured, an indention (or dimple) formed at the location of the lateral services, allowing an operator to properly position a cutter to restore the main-lateral connection.
and press to seal Make 1/4-inch-deep indention with index finger
They often involve deeper structures and draw in, surface layers to cause indention or atrophy.
Anal segment about as long as IX, longitudinally carinate and narrowed towards the apex, the posterior margin with a shallow median indention.
These include complete continental underthrusting, distributed shortening, indention tectonics and extrusion, delamination and lower crustal flow.
Likewise, anything in indention format, invokes Al's metarule for reading, i.
also developed a handheld portable indention system but with very high interrater and intrarater reliability (ICC values = 0.
This of course renders the oft-heard arguments that: 1) a juridical bay can only exist if there is a recognizable indentation into the mainland or into the coast, or 2) that an indention can only gain bay status if the island can be assimilated to the mainland, likewise absurd.
Review teams are instructed to set aside for further inspection any ballots in which ink bled from one side to another or where an indention appeared because a voter pressed hard with a pen, Betschart said.
Printing the library names with a different font or indention would have made the text easier to read.
The differences in the appearance of the indention are statistically dependent.
The kinetic program of the experimental group kept in mind the homonym hemianopsia, so that for each exercise the patients' attention was directed towards the affected side with the indention of educating the use of the damaged visual field towards the direction of spatial hemineglect.