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Synonyms for indention

the space left between the margin and the start of an indented line

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First, we synthesized samples of indention shapes to train ASM.
Those who visualized created verbal study notes with structural elements such as highlighting and indention for subtopics.
In infected hearts, this junction is obviously stretched, as there is much less of an external indention between ventricle and bulbus.
Half the port stab had been sliced off, and the port aft side of the fuselage had extensive damage, including an indention of the wingmen's refueling probe on our aircraft's skin.
The traditional indentation hardness tests cannot be used to determine scratch behavior of high crystallinity PP systems because different damage mechanisms and mechanics are involved between the scratch and indention processes.
Make an indention in a beanbag chair for Mom's tummy and have her lie down on her front, with head lower than hips.
In the text, there is a double space before the quote, a single space after it, and no indention in the left hand margin.
leading, indention, and type size, especially for long quotations and footnotes), diminishing legibility.
Mail enhancements which include the ability to compose messages using draggable addresses, and a new formatting bar with bold, italics, underline and indention controls;
Place the 5th heart on top of the 4 hearts, and press an indention in the center with the end of a small stick or paintbrush.
Make indention with back of spoon and crack in egg.
Aluminum tubes on each floor indention also aid in reducing solar heat.
1 Measured values of microhardness on various distances from surface for STN 419552 steel (shot peening time 8 minutes) Hardness Distance of Measurement Measurement Average of indention No 1 No 2 hardness specimen from Hardness Hardness HV 0,1 before surface HV HV shot [mm] peening 40 HRC 0,04 478 478 478 0,06 478 464 471 0,15 444 396 420 0,24 409 422 415 0,36 411 394 402 0,45 398 398 398 0,55 404 394 399 48 HRC 0,04 530 540 535 0,08 527 511 519 0,14 499 527 513 0,23 508 496 502 0,32 502 493 498 0,44 476 511 494
This species is characterized by the details of the epigynum which has a pronounced lateral flare to the posterior, wider-than-long scape and a median indention on the posterio-median margin.
From a dirty little kid in his early years in Fontucky with his crew, The Death Junkies, to his current saga of big-name sponsors, Leo is destined to make a lasting indention in skateboarding.