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He argued to himself that decent people--and he knew no others--did not care to talk about such indelicate affairs.
It seems to me such an indelicate sort of thing that I really think the girl ought to have been put to death by the state to prevent its happening.
But there were circumstances attending my--ha--slight knowledge of Mr Clennam (it was very slight), which,' here Mr Dorrit became extremely grave and impressive, 'would render it highly indelicate in Mr Clennam to--ha--to seek to renew communication with me or with any member of my family under existing circumstances.
A decidedly indelicate young gentleman, in a pair of wings and nothing else, was depicted as superintending the cooking; a representation of the spire of the church in Langham Place, London, appeared in the distance; and the whole formed a 'valentine,' of which, as a written inscription in the window testified, there was a large assortment within, which the shopkeeper pledged himself to dispose of, to his countrymen generally, at the reduced rate of one-and-sixpence each.
I thought of so many possibilities that I put off considering it, but still thought it indelicate to show you that I knew your secret.
Sam Allardyce's side have deservedly cultivated a reputation as bruisers; like Everton, their more indelicate qualities have helped compensate for deficiencies in manpower and class.
While my at-times indelicate sister did her best to put her husband and mother off their curried aubergine and parsnip risotto by declaring it looked like a "plate of sick" (risotto thankfully always tastes better than it looks
However, I felt it a little indelicate to mention my bovine hypothesis during lunch.
More hilarity comes from Fiona's new ogreish appreciation of burping and other indelicate bodily functions.
It would be indelicate to go into the sordid details here but we would suggest to readers of delicate constitution that they avoid eating any meat which comes from France for some time to come.
On the "home front," massive education is needed: "It's an honest if indelicate statement to point out that most AIDS would be prevented if new and multiple partners used a condom; up to a third of HIV comes from intravenous drug abuse.
He's been marching up and down the hall making noises that are - apologies for being indelicate - disturbingly evocative of an elephant with a highgrade beans habit.
And now, not wishing to be indelicate, at this point the usual bean-related warning goes out.
These days, Dunst is being asked indelicate questions about things she does in her movies as well as her private life.
In act one, scene one of The Bride's Betrayal a young English rose has her virtue compromised by allowing an artist to draw a portrait of her in an indelicate pose.