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Synonyms for indefinite

Synonyms for indefinite

lacking precise limits

marked by lack of firm decision or commitment; of questionable outcome

Antonyms for indefinite

vague or not clearly defined or stated

not decided or not known

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Sereno has gone on an indefinite leave since March 1.
After consulting with the most senior justices, Sereno herself announced that she was taking an indefinite leave, with the amendment that she start the leave on Thursday, March 1.
I will take an indefinite leave, until I shall have completed my preparation for the Senate trial, a portion of which will be charged against my wellness leave under A.
The GJM had also called for an indefinite hunger strike from July 15.
First, it may be accomplished by indefinite pronouns: indefinite pronouns proper, distributive pronouns, and quantitative pronouns.
In general, linguists are more willing to use the term indefinite article when discussing the use of the indefinite determiner jedan 'one' than when discussing the use of the indefinite determiner neki 'some/certain'.
For a TM (transverse-magnetic) wave with its wave vector lying in the r-t plane and H field polarized along y axis, the electromagnetic field in the indefinite medium can be obtained by Maxwell's equation
If the contract includes renewal provisions, the useful life may very well be indefinite.
Before the Supreme Court ruled last June that the practice was unconstitutional, the INS had held about 3,000 immigrants and refugees in indefinite detention because their home countries would not take them back.
In Notice 93-29, the Service took a literal view of this new law and concluded that if an out-of-town assignment lasted one year and one day, it was indefinite retroactively to the assignment's first day.
In certain cases, qualified tax-planning strategies may be available to accelerate future taxable and deductible amounts in the indefinite column to a particular year.
This 5-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract will be firm-fixed-price or cost-plus-fixed-fee to ensure the USACE receives the best value.
The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity Integrated Base Defense Security System (IBDSS) contract was awarded by the Air Force Electronic Systems Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.
A Cuban citizen petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus, alleging that his indefinite detention by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), following revocation of his immigration parole violated his constitutional rights.
The IRS issued further guidance in revenue ruling 93-86, which said that assignments characterized at the outset as indefinite were not considered temporary regardless of the length of time required to complete them.