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without decorousness



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The verb "regurgitate"-meaning "to throw or pour back or out from a cavity"- may seem indecorously inappropriate when paired with the charming name of a flower, the daisy.
Irma spots a newspaper article about the Mexico City premiere of the movie, with a photograph of Diego, whose world she had indecorously abandoned and silently fled.
I want to emphasize that in a work situation, there is a real risk of personal damage and should be practiced indecorously.
Sheri somewhat indecorously wakes up, stretching, scratching.
Kelly Holmes sulked when she lost and behaved very indecorously when she finally won a challenge.
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Lord Siva was a highly revered major deity in Hinduism meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to be used indecorously or thrown around loosely in reimagined versions for dramatic effects.
JASWANT Singh on Friday lashed out at the BJP for expelling him indecorously.
Impatiently and indecorously disrupting habitual forms of exchange, straightness would paradoxically embody what Sara Ahmed calls a "queer orientation": "Queer orientations are those that put within reach bodies that have been made unreachable by the lines of conventional genealogy.
47) To this end, it is not surprising at all that Cervantes underscores the ridiculously absurd though quite natural event in which the same "poetisimos varones," upon their arrival at Parnassus, desperately and indecorously drink from the Castalian font, some with great thirst, while others indignantly wash unspeakable things in its sacred waters: "Unos no solamente se hartaron,/sino que pies y manos y otras cosas/ algo mas indecentes se lavaron" (III, 370-72).
First published in 1861, this work contains several inventive narrative and imagistic representations of Western missioners; among them are illustrations of priests worshipping a grunting pig, removing the fetus from a pregnant woman, gouging out the eyes of a convert, and behaving indecorously with Chinese women.
She places Shakespeare's play in a rich tradition, ranging from Plautus and Guarini to Monty Python's Flying Circus and Six Feet Under, that indecorously mixes the brutal and comic.
But now the betting public treat racing on both sides of the water as being two sides of the same coin or, as the nonsense poet Hilaire Belloc somewhat indecorously put it: "Two buttocks of the same bum.
They therefore found it imperative to make people forget there had ever been a Polish state which they had so indecorously pillaged.