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Antonyms for indecisively

lacking firmness or resoluteness

without finality


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The huge 1916 action, involving 250 ships and 100,000 men, ended indecisively.
6 against a 2010 baseline of 100, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said, saying production was "fluctuating indecisively.
Most probably it will end indecisively without any clear winner, but before any realization among the hawks on both sides of the power-divide in the Middle East takes place, lot of damage might be done to security and stability of the region.
I stood there indecisively in the fading light, giving myself a pep talk to try and ratchet up my courage.
Emboldened perhaps by a sumptuous drive for four, he was gone two balls later, fencing indecisively at Broad and finding Cook's safe hands at slip.
For reasons known only to post-World-War-I decision-makers, the British simply continued to test a seemingly endless variety of LMGs quite indecisively for a period of several years.
It's so vital for a child to learn the art of decision making that he/she may not totter indecisively during the times where they've to make decision.
The video pings indecisively, and with increasing pace, between earth and sky before three animated words, I CAN EXPLAIN, fall, heavy as anvils, onto the screen.
Indeed, she moves indecisively within disciplinary traditions that resist her desire to construct the story of Macanaz and his time with authenticity.
Industrial production fluctuates indecisively," the industry ministry said in a monthly report, leaving unchanged its overall assessment despite the downturn.
military power cannot be used incrementally and indecisively.
If European states keep on acting so indecisively, this is a direct invitation for the aggressor to be more aggressive and go further," she told LRT public radio.
Therefore, I needed to study the phenomenon as indecisively as possible.
Morocco's MASI, off an earlier 52-week high reached on March 27, was moving indecisively up and down during week 14 to end the period with a net drop of 0.
Meanwhile, in European waters, in the first major naval battle of the war, a French fleet under the comte d'Orvilliers clashed, also indecisively, with a comparably sized British fleet in the first battle of Ushant on 27 July 1778.