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Some in the White House believe if this president is attacked for his incuriousness, in some ways he scores points with people who frankly don't like the media.
But there is this--just this to be said--when the big Machine of Fate is felt and realized to have us in its hold, one gets a blessed incuriousness and content on the matter--on all matters: and the odd feeling that somewhere at sometime the self-same thing has happened before and that, try as one may, one can't put a foot wrong.
The "Me-in-Crisis" offers an explanation for student self-absorption and intellectual incuriousness that seemed no more difficult for a reader of College Literature to entertain--or, for that matter, no more "political"--than Bloom's culprits: divorce and women's abandonment of domesticity.
24) But of course to the degree that any of us fails from the first moment to distance ourselves from this ambiguously unmarked perspective and recognize it as satirical indirect discourse, then to exactly that degree are our condemnations of Delano painfully hypocritical, since he too has allowed his own incuriousness about racial presumption to prevent him from suspecting irony where he had not expected to find it.