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Synonyms for incurable

Synonyms for incurable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for incurable

a person whose disease is incurable

incapable of being cured


unalterable in disposition or habits

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The new study of NHS hospitals and health boards across Wales, England and Scotland found that 76% agree there is not enough specialist nursing care for people with incurable breast cancer.
Being told I had incurable secondary breast cancer felt like going into the abyss.
But only 21 per cent of NHS organisations had a specialist nurse dedicated to those whose cancer has advanced and is incurable.
BEIRUT: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour Wednesday praised the Labor Ministry and the NSSF for finally approving a joint program to fully cover the cost of some medications for incurable diseases.
Mum Juliana Queen had a 50% chance of passing on the gene for incurable Huntington's disease, which leads to dementia and is slowly taking over her dad Jacky, 59.
Como Hans Castorp en el sanatorio, el poeta ha residido una temporada en su propia purga y el resultado de esa autoexploracion, cuyo protagonista es tambien el lenguaje que la expresa, es Incurable, un poema impar en nuestro idioma que funciono --para bien y para mal--como tabula rasa en la vida y en la obra de su autor.
The "Views on End of Life Medical Treatments" survey reveals a significant divide by religion, race and ethnicity on what people say they would do if they were suffering great pain with an incurable illness.
The cancer had spread and a month later she was told it was incurable.
A MERSEYSIDE hospital has become a national centre for a rare and incurable disease that can leave patients in agony.
COUPLES with hereditary or incurable diseases could soon be forced to get a court permission before getting married.
BOB Arbuckle, of Lanchester, County Durham, suffers from an incurable rare eye condition and lost most of his sight two years ago.
Finally, when surgery fails to eliminate the cancer, Harris is again informed that he is incurable.
When I have a patient with an incurable illness, I always continue to offer her regular mammograms.
When I have a female patient with an incurable illness, I always continue to offer her regular mammograms.
Janet, 55, was diagnosed last year with an aggressive form of lymphoma which her doctor then bluntly told her was incurable.