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Synonyms for incurability

incapability of being cured or healed

incapability of being altered in disposition or habits

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the proportional reduction in incurability addressed above, though adjusted for it to be specific to screen-diagnosed cases).
It has been suggested that the CBLs, which are not eradicated by chemotherapy, are responsible for incurability in MM.
Mr Devoy developed the first symptoms of mesothelioma three years ago - a cancer of the lining of the lungs, notorious for its incurability, slowness to develop and for the agony suffered by its victims - and in December 2006 collapsed with a stroke, probably caused by his tumour spreading to the brain.
Medication can be strong," he emphasized, "but moral incurability must never be presumed" (p.
The virus is associated with a broad spectrum of manifestations, including tropical spastic paraparesis, a disease characterized by the slow and progressive development of neuromyelopathy, and adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma, a lymphoproliferative disorder of rapid fatal progression which is characterized by its incurability and damage caused to the patient [2-4].
Upon hearing of a 3-month prognosis, one person immediately may accept the incurability of the condition, and opt for palliative treatment and hospice care.
9,12) Indeed, of the 53 XDR patients treated at Tugela Ferry in Kwazulu-Natal province, all but one died in <4 weeks, prompting descriptions of incurability.
of curability, palliativity and incurability of the diseases and of thousands such other problems that baffle even those persons who possess a clear and vast knowledge, not to speak of men with lesser intelligence.
Nurses, actually nuns, calm the women down and explain to the new Doctor what the problem is with each one of them, the causes of their disorders and the reasons for their incurability.
I may be frustrated, maddened, depressed by the incurability of my disease, but I'm not diminished by it, and they are" ("On Being a Cripple" 20)
The doctor then has to verify the incurability of the illness and the irreversibility of the situation and then consult with a second physician.
Significant for this essay and, I believe, for Unger as well, was that the boy is shown here in his state of incurability and hopelessness.
She was diagnosed with the lung disease mesothelioma -- a cancer of the lining of the lungs notorious for its incurability and slowness to develop -- four years ago.
PFB, its prevalence, and its incurability, that make the claim in Newark