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Synonyms for incur



Synonyms for incur

Synonyms for incur

make oneself subject to

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receive a specified treatment (abstract)

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Fouquet has not yet given back the thirteen millions, he must have appropriated them to his own purpose; and with those thirteen millions one could incur four times and a little more as much expense, and make four times as great a display, as your majesty was able to do at Fontainebleau, where we only spent three millions altogether, if you remember.
Her mind was theoretic, and yearned by its nature after some lofty conception of the world which might frankly include the parish of Tipton and her own rule of conduct there; she was enamoured of intensity and greatness, and rash in embracing whatever seemed to her to have those aspects; likely to seek martyrdom, to make retractations, and then to incur martyrdom after all in a quarter where she had not sought it.
why should you thus, of your own accord, incur destruction and trust yourself in the house of your enemy?
put forward a suitable person to incur the mudgobbling and deadcatting
Lieutenant Byring was a braver man than anybody knew, for nobody knew his horror of that which he was ever ready to incur.
He was no coward and he was unwilling to incur anybody's ridicule.
They are still mine for six weeks to come, and Mercy was unwilling to let me incur the expense of taking her to a hotel.
But as the priceless treasure too frequently hides at the bottom of a well, it needs some courage to dive for it, especially as he that does so will be likely to incur more scorn and obloquy for the mud and water into which he has ventured to plunge, than thanks for the jewel he procures; as, in like manner, she who undertakes the cleansing of a careless bachelor's apartment will be liable to more abuse for the dust she raises than commendation for the clearance she effects.
And here its consequences may well be argued to be dreadful; for what can be more so, than to incur the divine displeasure, by the breach of the divine commands; and that in an instance against which the highest vengeance is specifically denounced?
Mr Cameron said the Government had counted the Ford Focus as one model when in fact there are 40 different kinds, and only a handful would incur lower charges.
Individual property owners obviously can incur investment advice fees and the regulation explicitly includes such fees.
Many trust fiduciaries incur investment adviser fees while administering the trust.
A lender making, purchasing, renewing or renegotiating a loan, may incur a variety of expenses to third parties in connection with such loan, such as broker commissions, appraisals, and environmental and engineering reports.
The Tax Court rejected the successor argument but considered Square D's alternative claim: It considered whether a taxpayer must be legally obligated to make a payment before it can deduct the payment since it did not incur the expenses.