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  • noun

Synonyms for incumbency

the holding of something, such as a position

Synonyms for incumbency

a duty that is incumbent upon you

the office of an incumbent

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As Speaker Dysart pointed out in her decision, incumbency has usually been the key factor used to settle cases where opposition parties have been tied.
The period between 2010-2012 represents the key near term strategic window in establishing incumbency in the social networking market, and the market is racing towards maturity by 2015.
But from the standpoint of GOP political strategy, a successful effort to oust Clinton would backfire, since it would give Gore the incumbency advantage in the next presidential election.
Their prior incumbency is exempt, which means Republican leaders like Gingrich and Bob Dole would get a deferment from the medicine they want everyone else to take.
Thrane & Thrane's credibility combined with our strong, field-proven technology and incumbency will allow us together to bring to our customers solutions and products that are "best-of-breed.
Modi came to power not because of Hindutva but only because of the prevalent anti- Congress and anti- incumbency sentiment," said AISA's Sunny Kumar.
Pyramid Systems, under an exclusive agreement with ITS, brings seven years of experience at HUD and several years of incumbency at CPD.
Incumbency for life may be dead, but political hackery lives on in the form of politicians madly hopping from post to post.
Soon, there may be no way to keep office except by easing the barriers that protect incumbency.
When Incumbency Fails: The Senate Career of Mark Andrews.
Unfortunately, the vendor has seen its incumbency wane, as platform upgrades still give an advantage to competitors on many fronts.
State unit chief Ravindra Kumar Rai has said categorising each constituency on the basis of local issues and possible anti- incumbency against sitting MLAs can give the party a push.
of South Carolina School of Law) argues that the United States has essentially abandoned the written Constitution and settled on an unwritten "Happy Convention," in which the Congress, in the interest of maintaining incumbency, passes off controversial domestic issues to the Supreme Court and controversial foreign policy issues, such as declaring and financing war, to the president.
But the colossal power of incumbency has made that virtually impossible.
In defense, we will build on long-term customer relationships that have established incumbency in defense markets that will continue to grow, such as C3I, mine hunting technologies, small ship combat systems, and tactical communications.