incubation period

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the period between infection and the appearance of symptoms of the disease

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Hatching and chick performance (Means +- SE) of Fayoumi eggs as affected by LED treatment during incubation period.
At the same concentration and incubation period, all the oils showed the highest PGI above 85%, however, regardless of the concentration used, the lowest PGI occurred with an increase in the incubation period (Figures 1 and 2).
Lower temperatures (17-18 degrees Celsius) result in longer incubation period thereby leading to decreased virus transmission.
Implementation of heat inactivation method requires very precise control of experimental conditions such as temperature and incubation period.
To estimate the incubation period distribution, we first defined the exposure period as either the duration of travel if a person experienced illness after return from travel or the time from beginning of travel to the onset of illness if the traveler became ill during travel (Figure 1, panel A).
40 cycles at 94degC (1 min), 38 degC (1 min), 72 degC (2 min) and incubation period at 72 degC for 5 min.
The incubation period of rabies (defined as the interval between exposure and the onset of clinical disease) is usually 20 to 90 days.
33% have negative incubation period performance when measured by an equally weighted objective alpha.
The researchers believe that the calls somehow affect the babies' growth, since they are delivered in the last one-third of the incubation period when the hatchlings' temperature and regulation system is starting to develop.
They will be monitored for the incubation period in private accommodation.
We call this the risk incubation period, the second stage of six under the crisis model we have developed, based on the disaster incubation theory proposed by Barry Turner in Man-Made Disasters (Wykeham, 1978).
For many coming home to face fearful colleagues and family members, while still anxiously counting down the incubation period themselves, it can be a scary and lonely time.
The assay procedure essentially remains unchanged except for the shorter incubation period, making this an easy transition for laboratory staff.
Sophon Mekthon, Director General of the Disease Control Department, said that Thai health authorities have monitored more than 300 tourists since June 8 who arrived from countries affected by Ebola, which has an incubation period of up to 21 days.
The incubation period for the eggs is usually 40-45 days, but the zoo authorities say that with the mercury soaring, the incubation period might reduce to 35 days.