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Synonyms for incubation

maintaining something at the most favorable temperature for its development

(pathology) the phase in the development of an infection between the time a pathogen enters the body and the time the first symptoms appear

sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

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She added that TBI aims to produce firms that will be subjected to incubation program and will leave the incubation program financially viable, can sustain operation and compete in the market.
The key features of Islamabad IT park include space for 5000 IT professionals, Data Center, Incubation Center, Business Centers, and support infrastructure.
Talking to reporter, he said, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication had established National Incubation Centers (NIC) across the country to transform and thrive in this age of global competition and pervasive change by partnering with the investing in startups.
The Incubation center and STP will have fully managed IT and Telecom services such as High Speed Internet, International connectivity, Voice and WiFi for young startup entrepreneurs and IT companies.
There were differences observed in chick performance between the two groups, chick weight at hatch was significantly heavier in group of eggs exposed to complement LED lighting during incubation (G2) with high vitality percent than the eggs of G1 (control).
All samples were processed for donor recipient crossmatch using routine incubation CDC, extended incubation CDC and antihuman globulin CDC.
They focused on changes in a factor called "extrinsic incubation period (EIP)" of the dengue virus by taking into account daily and monthly mean temperatures in these areas.
Where Dreams May Come: Incubation Sanctuaries in the Greco-Roman World; 2 volume set
The Innovation promotion for generation of new ideas involves a three pronged strategy of setting up of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) at School level, Atal Incubation Centres (AICs) at higher education institutions & R&D Laboratories etc and Scale up support to established incubation centres (EICs)
ALP is a heat labile enzyme and specific ALP isoenzymes have different sensitivity to heat inactivation, so ALP activity measurement at different incubation period will affect the actual measurement as and creates lab to lab variability and significant change if particular isoenzyme is predominant in patient sera.
India will soon have its first startup district with incubation centres and about 20 tinkering labs for schools aimed at encouraging the creation of innovative solutions in agriculture, health and education.
The National Incubation Centre (NIC) has started accepting the first round of applications for its incubation programme from December 8th, 2016.
These findings are consistent with the use of incubation to maximize fee revenue through means other than the flow-to-performance relationship.
The changes in elemental composition of the chicken eggshell during the incubation period were studied using the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES).
The incubation period of an infectious disease is the time from the moment of exposure to an infectious agent until signs and symptoms of the disease appear (1).