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Synonyms for incrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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As staled in the "Introduction," there are two ways to improve the mortar surface protection: make the surface super-hydrophilic, so that the dust particles or biological germs can be easily washed by dripping water, and reduce the surface porosity to limit pollutants or staining agents' penetration and incrustation.
Calcium is a cause for hardness in water and incrustation in boilers.
27 [por millar] PDB (belemnites de la formation Pee Dee), et s'accompagnent d'une incrustation algale ou d'une matte bacterienne d'une valeur de -61.
Greek billionaires seem to like Hydra, a gemlike incrustation in the Aegean Sea.
But the fines, which are invariably contained in the product may, as time passes, create deposits and incrustation everywhere in the plant.
Khatamkari is the art of incrustation of objects with specific patterns (generally symmetrical shapes, like star-shaped), using different kinds of thin wood sticks including teak, ebony, ziziphus, orange and rose.
It is not known whether such copper incrustation interferes with the performance of a painting system.
Biofouling can be defined as "the undesirable phenomenon of adherence and accumulation of biotic deposits on a submerged artificial surface or in contact with seawater" This accumulation or incrustation consists of a film composed of microorganisms affixed to a polymeric matrix created by themselves (biofilm), where inorganic particles (salts and/or corrosive products) may arrive and be retained as a consequence of other types of fouling that develop in the course of the process.
Highest chemical resistance - no rust, no incrustation and long-lasting system solutions without leaks
The Hugo Salinas Price award is one of the premier design and silversmith competitions in Mexico, with categories that include jewelry design and sculpture with techniques of casting, metal carving, hammering, gem incrustation and filigree, to name a few.
Every religion is subject to incrustation given enough time, It appears to take the Abrahamic faiths about 500 years to so institutionalize whatever the dominant form of the faith is that people rebel against the incrustations and sterility inherent in over-institutionalization.
Each dial required up to 166 pieces of wood and 45 incrustations of 15 to 30 different species of wood, each of which was cut to shape, and assembled on a plate of solid gold.
For a calcified stent, an upper or middle calyx will provide the best access down the proximal ureter to treat the incrustations.
Lot 1: to a total of about 48 km in length, to remove high pressure flushing of the drainage system for over two years, the sediments and incrustations that impede the safe discharge of leachate.
Field studies conducted at numerous German landfills showed that the drainage material within the leachate collection system can become filled with incrustations, resulting in a decrease in the void volume and causing clogging (Brune et al.