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increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions

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Incremental costs are the variable costs that are added when booking a new account, or removed when closing an inactive account.
The new relationship offers business professionals throughout the world easy access to complete product descriptions and tables of contents from research publications authored by IncreMental Advantage.
It identifies the health of a product by revealing the extent to which consumers are willing to pay full price, or if sales must be subsidized with discounts to trigger incremental purchases.
The Department of Defense adopted as final, with changes, an interim rule, published in September 1993, (1) amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, regarding incremental funding of fixed-price contracts.
Specifically, this theory identifies two opposing ways in which an individual may consider a personal attribute; from the perspective of an entity theorist, which holds that the attribute is relatively fixed, or that of an incremental theorist, who holds that the attribute is adaptable (Dweck & Leggett, 1988; Dweck et.
Edison understood that innovation does not consist solely of new inventions; incremental innovations can be equally important.
For large databases, incremental backups can be used, but this increases the total recovery time.
Most obviously, of course, many of the incremental justification projects were calculated incorrectly.
This incremental backup method is the fastest way to backup an online MySQL server.
Put simply, the quantum model is the theoretical opposite of an incremental or Cartesian model.
If the customer does not use the voucher, T recognizes as earned revenue the previously deducted estimated incremental cost (e.
McAfee says the new product combines the market-leading McAfee virus detection and cleaning engine with the industry's only true incremental updating capability for rapid, easy deployment of fixes up to 20 times faster than today's technology allows.
Why incremental reform can't solve our health-care crisis
Incremental tax revenue is money the government would take in because football games would bring additional business to hotels, restaurants and car-rental desks.
128 requires companies to calculate earnings per incremental share for each group of potential common shares.
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