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increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions

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An incremental image copy backup, sometimes referred to as a differential backup, contains only the data that has changed since the last full or incremental image copy was made.
Incremental measurements with resolutions as high as 16,384 pulses per revolutions.
They cite the need for caution in policy development, and a balanced approach that recognizes the need for incremental innovation.
NASDAQ: LEAP) said it has closed the previously announced USD1,425m incremental term loan facility for its wholly owned subsidiary, Cricket Communications, Inc.
U), a Canada-based company engaged in exploration and development of oil and gas reserves, has announced acquisition of Incremental Petroleum Limited (Incremental) (AUX: IPM).
It identifies the health of a product by revealing the extent to which consumers are willing to pay full price, or if sales must be subsidized with discounts to trigger incremental purchases.
The Department of Defense adopted as final, with changes, an interim rule, published in September 1993, (1) amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, regarding incremental funding of fixed-price contracts.
Specifically, this theory identifies two opposing ways in which an individual may consider a personal attribute; from the perspective of an entity theorist, which holds that the attribute is relatively fixed, or that of an incremental theorist, who holds that the attribute is adaptable (Dweck & Leggett, 1988; Dweck et.
Edison understood that innovation does not consist solely of new inventions; incremental innovations can be equally important.
For large databases, incremental backups can be used, but this increases the total recovery time.
Most obviously, of course, many of the incremental justification projects were calculated incorrectly.
Now incorporated in Arkeia's MySQL plug-in is the ability to run incremental database backup based on the MySQL binary log data.
BEI's Industrial Encoder Division's Express Encoder[R] brand includes four incremental and two absolute versions.
For Federal income tax purposes, T claims a deduction equal to this percentage of face value, for the estimated incremental cost of providing the flight that will be obtained when the customer uses the voucher.
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