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in an incredulous manner

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She started to her feet, and looked round her incredulously, as if doubting whether she had rightly heard and rightly interpreted my last words.
Polly meant to say that quite easily, and smile incredulously at his answer; but in spite of the coquettish little rose-colored hood she wore, and which she knew was very becoming, she did not look or speak gayly, and Tom saw something in the altered face that made him say hastily, "I 'm afraid you 've been doing too much this winter; you look tired out, Polly.
The diners accepted the revelation in various ways--some incredulously, some with congratulations; others turned upon her the stream of badinage that had hitherto been directed at Aileen alone.
He looked incredulously at the house, and then he wheeled about, and looked more incredulously still at me.
The blind man shrugged his shoulders, and smiled incredulously.
Perhaps some doubts of its pure delight presented themselves to Mr Swiveller, as he gave vent to one or two short abrupt sniffs, and looked incredulously at the grinning dwarf.
You mean to say," a friend asked me, incredulously, "that the whole play is centred around somebody being p.
Incredulously, while the Cabinet was looking at this there was a VER meeting taking place which handed out well over half a million again in top-up payments.
YES, along with millions of others, I watched incredulously as Brazil were thumped 7-1 by Germany on Tuesday night in the first semi-final.
If the majority fail to speak out on behalf of our compatriots, Canadians will no longer be able to shake our heads incredulously at the many instances throughout history where a peoples' rights have been obstructed; we'll no longer be able to ask, all fresh-faced and secure in our Canadian goodness ".
Meanwhile, another rapper-Kendrick Lamar- incredulously tweeted to Brown, asking if the rumors were true.
After LaPierre said he did, Wallace incredulously said "that's ridiculous and you know it, sir
Incredulously, he attempts to have us believe that his refusal is not about selfinterest, but a big-heartedness and selfless gesture as, "he did not want to impugn officers' integrity and start a 'firefight' with police.
Summary: A pen-and-ink sketch depicts a Vampire Walrus holding an umbrella, staring incredulously at the observer.
The land was given on the direct orders of the Prime Minister's Secretariat under a scheme somewhat incredulously called the "Prime Minister's Assistance Package".