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  • noun

Synonyms for incorrectness

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Synonyms for incorrectness

lack of conformity to social expectations

the quality of not conforming to fact or truth

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These days talking about speed and watching fast cars has become one of the most serious acts of political incorrectness.
But as his career disappears down the toilet, Clarkson is still desperately clinging to the lifebelt of political incorrectness.
As Andy Milman's idiotic agent Darren Lamb, his political incorrectness runs riot tonight in an on-set encounter with a dwarf.
It might just be political incorrectness gone sane.
DUKE Nukem is another enduring game character, famed for his political incorrectness
Flying the flag fo r political incorrectness, Lady Jones insists on being called 'chairman' of the city council planning committee.
Thus, political correctness could become political incorrectness, perhaps political intolerance or, delight of delights, even political ignorance.
Having won three talent contests in a row, he has proved he can hit the mark with any audience thrown his way, no mean feat in a world where political incorrectness can land you in more trouble than you imagined.
Barbie, who flaunted her political incorrectness and eating disorder figure, was scarcely the role model parents might want.
Additionally, the book is not free from biases and instances of political incorrectness.
BMW 750iLOUTRAGEOUS grunt laden with gadgets, big boardroom credibility but jiggly ride, aggressive image, eye-watering ownership costs and spectacular political incorrectness.
For a guy who makes his living portraying political incorrectness incarnate, it was a near-religious experience.
However, the personality divisions provide a perfectly flawed theory of stereotypes for satire, minus the minefield of political incorrectness.
According to one female friend, being addressed as 'luv' by a stranger is the greatest act of political incorrectness.