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I have a little plan of alteration for your bedrooms too, which may now be performed without any inconvenience to any one.
In a branch of taxation where no limits to the discretion of the government are to be found in the nature of things, the establishment of a fixed rule, not incompatible with the end, may be attended with fewer inconveniences than to leave that discretion altogether at large.
Perry can tell me how to convey a wife and five children a distance of an hundred and thirty miles with no greater expense or inconvenience than a distance of forty, I should be as willing to prefer Cromer to South End as he could himself.
I should not attempt it, if it were to be the means of inconvenience to the Highbury people, but if you call to mind exactly the present line of the path.
Being under a necessity of obeying our acoba, or protector, we changed our place of abode as often as he desired it, though not without great inconveniences, from the excessive heat of the weather and the faintness which our strict observation of the fasts and austerities of Lent, as it is kept in this country, had brought upon us.
University Grid Station on 23rd and 28th August from 7 am to 1 pm, resultantly consumers of 11 Kv Gharib Abad, Rahat Abad1 and 2 feeders will face inconvenience.
In result of this the consumers of 11 Chughal pura, Chamkani, Jagra, Nishtarabad, scarp-1 feeders will face inconvenience.
M resultantly consumers of 11 KV Sirbuland Pura, Latif Abad, Eidgah, Faqir Abad Dalazak feeders will face inconvenience.
PESHAWAR -- Power supply will remain suspended from 132 KV Peshawar City Grid Station due to maintenance work on August 19, and 20, 2017 from 8 am to 2 pm resultantly consumers of 11 KV Lala, Jhagra, Chamkani, Nishterabad, Zaryab, Sikandar Pura, City Town, Islamabad and Faqir Abad feeders will face inconvenience.
Power supply will remain off from 132 KV Jamrud Grid Station on October 31 from 8 AM to 12 PM, resultantly the consumers of 11 KV meka steel, NWG, FT wood, Alhafiz steel, express 4,industrial state feeders will face inconvenience.
A statement issued here on Thursday said that power supply would remain suspended from 132KV Peshawar Cantonment grid station on March 19 from 8am to 12am, resultantly consumers of 11 ICF, NCR, Jail Express, Old MES, Palosai-1 and MES-2 feeder would face inconvenience.
According to PESCO on Thursday, power supply will remain suspended from 132 KV Shahi Bagh Grid Station on 19 March from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM,resultantly consumers of 11 KV Sarbilandpura, Latif Abad, Charsada Road, Nishat, Dalazak, Faqir Abad, Lala, OPF, Wadpaga-1,2, Pakha Gulam and EidGah feeder will face inconvenience.
According to spokesman power supply will remain suspended on 18 March from 9 AM to 3PM, resultantly consumers of 11 KV Rahatabad-1,2, Ghareeb Abad, Achini-2, Old Bara Road, Abdara, Sufaid Dheri, Danish Abad and Jamal Ud Din Afghani feeder will face inconvenience.
on 18 February from 9AM to 3PM,resultantly consumers of 11 KV Sonehri Bank feeder will face inconvenience.
The power supply would remain suspended from 132 KV Hayatabad Grid Station on May 6 and 8 from 8 AM to 2 PM, resultantly consumers of 11 Kv Hayatabad-5 feeders will face inconvenience.