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in an obvious and provable manner

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They are the club with the narrative of their own, the club that established itself incontrovertibly as the leading team in Manchester as United fell from grace.
An idealised, idiosyncratic piece of dogmatic art was delivered to the residents of Gosforth: 'idealised' because the interpretation intended (by the council) to be drawn from this pamphlet was one of Gosforth High Street being transformed into a better environment than it currently is in its normal state; 'idiosyncratic' because this mode of interpretation is purely that of the council and does not represent the majority of residents; and 'dogmatic' because I argue that the council are asserting their opinions of this red route through these pictures as incontrovertibly true.
So the federal government is apparently the name we give to the magical apparatus responsible for maintaining the status of public-sector workers, private sector retail managers, farmers, small entrepreneurs, and preschoolers, in addition to the one group (veterans) whose care is incontrovertibly the responsibility of the national government that sent them into war.
The Forced Adoptions History Project is part of the Federal Government's response to a Senate inquiry that found Australian women were incontrovertibly coerced into giving up their babies for adoption by people and institutions including their families, doctors, hospital staff and religious organisations.
chides the chief baddie; "Well, he wasn't doing a very good job," replies his second-in-command incontrovertibly.
That documentation showed incontrovertibly that false and/ or dishonest information had been submitted to the Halifax Building Society in support of an insurance claim by the complainants Mr and Mrs Hendrie.
King incontrovertibly saved the best until last, however, by recovering from a troubled start to race three to regain second position and Class leader right the way to the finish, prevailing in the International Class to notch up a magnificent maiden F3 triumph.
Of course, war and conflict are incontrovertibly central to understanding the twelfth-century history of the Levant, but it will be another book that tells the story of the Frankish Levant as a part of near-eastern history.
He likes real ale, embraces new technology insofar as he can understand it, retains quiet optimism for the future of British racing and prefers potentially good two-year-olds to incontrovertibly slow three-year-olds; all of which makes perfectly good sense and adds up to a world view that has kept his business and sanity afloat for the past quarter of a century.
A shame then, that more than 4,000 people felt their enjoyment had been so incontrovertibly hampered, they were compelled to pen their distress.
It has been incontrovertibly established that the memorandum was authentic and Mr Haqqani was the originator and architect of the memorandum," stated the report.
Japanese legislators discussed Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara's plan to purchase three islets of the Diaoyu Islands on Tuesday, but they are just painting a room as the Diaoyu Islands incontrovertibly belong to China.
London, Jan 1 (ANI): Having acquitted herself well on 'Strictly Come Dancing', Christine Bleakley proved incontrovertibly that she is both glamorous and game.
org/cvd), proves incontrovertibly that from our nation' s founding, "democracy" was an elusive dream, and never a particular goal of our founding fathers (the white m ale property owners who comprised only 10 percent of the colonial population and whose true aim was to protect their own wealth and property rather than create a true democracy).
In the winter 2011, jobless claims rose after briefly dipping below the 400,000-level, but not enough data is available to incontrovertibly state the cause.