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not having control over urination and defecation


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Clearly we cannot be allowed, or allow ourselves, to incontinently act out hatred in a civilized society.
If I visit a public institution, with only one friend, the directors come down incontinently, waylay me in the yard, and address me in a long speech.
Belisario's operating room, and came back with his ideas so bewildered by what he there witnessed, or inhaled, as incontinently to indite a leader; in which, after giving an account of the proceedings, he attempts to philosophise thereupon; and among other things asserts, that although "the most respectable medical authorities are agreed that no dangerous or injurious results are to be apprehended, either at the time of, or subsequent to the application of ether," yet "the precise nature of its effect upon the nervous system and the brain, is as yet, mere matter of scientific speculation
In the same article, socialist agitation is also described using a Christian lexical register: "We incontinently desire to have God's kingdom set up 'on earth, and this means rough work in an age in which Mammon is chiefly worshipped.
woman cooks of my caravan, on its way to Harar were incontinently dubbed
ministered unto them divine service and holy bread on a Sunday and kneeled before the altar in his suffrages and prayers, [the parishioners] laid upon him violent hands and arrested him and entreated him so rigorously that in the same place they drew blood upon him, for which diverse of them were excommunicated, and yet continue in the same and so with outrageous violence drew him out of the said church and incontinently laid him openly and shamefully in the stocks and after that, as a thief with his arms bound, with a cord led him unto the king's gaol of Guildford [Surrey] where, by their untrue suggestions, he was entreated as a thief and laid in great duress of imprisonment.
He said: "What people find so irritating is the sense that there is this huge amount of activity incontinently set up, much of it by the last Government, by bodies which are not in any way accountable.
Wine flows incontinently, haunches of meat are speared, an octopus is tossed about, new fangled forks are fumbled with, codpieces are massaged by bare feet under the table, and the gluttonous feast culminates in Martin and Agnes sharing a hot bath in a steamy, close to X-rated love scene.
all clearly convicted, and incontinently executed, for crimes committed and afterwards confessed by others," and suggests that readers find more information about the cases in John Jay Smith's Celebrated Trials of All Countries (202).
Great uncle Charlie sprawled incontinently across the sofa.
And hereof hath it followed that when some person hath escaped any imminent danger, recovered health from a grievous sickness, or cure of a sore wound, passed some dangerous tempests of the sea, or obtained some victory in arms, or some riches or possessions, incontinently he yieldeth thanks therefore unto his familiar advocate in heaven, by whose means he imagineth to have received such benefits; which otherwise the mutable God, as he believeth, would never have granted him; and therefore runneth to this or that image with candles, torches, lamps, incense, bells, and a thousand other tricks; affirming this and that miracle, which in effect are no other but their false and ignorant imaginations.
It does not involve endorsement of values that are in fact wrong values, and it does involve regret at having acted incontinently.
That his interest in the details of the lives of the billions of people with whom he so incontinently (and superficially) compassionates is less than obsessive is demonstrated by the following blast against the power of literature: