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not having control over urination and defecation


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Measured urine loss in the three groups of incontinent patients (median and 25- and 75-percentiles)
If a resident is not identified appropriately as incontinent, then the care plan is wrong, and planned care interventions will not be adequate to meet the resident's needs.
Recently TV showed a picture of a doctor who left many women incontinent after operations and it said they had now received compensation.
They can be used for identifying the times of day that an individual is continent or incontinent, when he or she voids, how many fluids he/she ingests, and when.
Our SaniTek[TM] family of three dimensional apertured film products includes SaniSilk[TM] apertured film and SaniSure[TM] apertured film, which targets the feminine hygiene and adult incontinent markets, respectively.
Data is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of machinery and equipment for the production of baby diapers, lady sanitary napkins, adult incontinent pads and bed underpads.
7,115,606, which claims the use of DDP225 for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB) in patients who are not incontinent.
110 incontinent services in medicine, surgery, 65 incontinent care and rehabilitation; 160 incontinence in nursing home services.
Dunbridge, OH, Principle Business Enterprises (PBE), a manufacturer of "Pillow Paws" Footwear and "Tranquility" absorbent incontinent products also located in Dunbridge, and Belgian end distributor PBI recently underwent a corporate reorganization that in effect removed them from the "for sale" category.
Contract award: disposable devices for incontinent patients
Over two nights we measured sleep and bed mobility among 225 incontinent residents and monitored the environment to determine the association between noise, light and incontinence care practices and residents' sleep.
K-C has also introduced two additional products, "Poise" pads extra plus absorbency, a longer, more absorbent for incontinent women, and "Depend Overnight" fitted brief, the first brief with added absorbency for overnight protection.
If incontinence occurs at the same time every night, the Vigil software will record this, allowing staff to toilet the resident to reduce incontinent episodes.
Designed and marketed exclusively to incontinent women, the Serenity brand will fill out Uni-Charm's absorbent product selections, which already include a line of full size incontinent products.
The "SuretyS System Care" adult incontinent reusable panty for women has been developed by Confab, Wayne, PA.