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Synonyms for incontinence

a complete surrender of inhibitions

Synonyms for incontinence

indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures

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These fistulas often occur between a woman's bladder and vagina or between a woman's vagina and rectum, resulting in permanent incontinence of urine, feces, or both.
Their hearts were deeply moved by the plight of the "very least of these my sisters," women who, because of childbirth injuries from unattended births, suffer from total incontinence of urine and often stool.
Although this results in permanent incontinence of urine, it relieves the high pressures in the bladder.
Incontinence of urine and/or bowel, past stroke or TIAs, abnormal balance and/or gait, Parkinsonism or seizures.
CASE PRESENTATION: A 38 yr old man, a mason by occupation presented to the urology OPD with the complaint of incontinence of urine from past 3 years.