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Synonyms for incontinence

a complete surrender of inhibitions

Synonyms for incontinence

indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures

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The evaluation of women with mixed incontinence should follow the same general principles as outlined in the Canadian Urological Association (CUA) guidelines for incontinence, (8) with an overview of storage and voiding symptoms; general urological symptoms, such as urinary infections, pelvic pain, and hematuria; and a relevant review of systems, which includes questions about bowel function, neurological symptoms, prolapse symptoms, fluid intake, prior urological/gynecological surgery, and pelvic radiation.
An ageing population, rising purchasing power and an improving attitude to incontinence products will be the main three factors which are set to drive the category's sales over the forecast period.
Incontinence is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% at constant 2014 prices over the forecast period, with volume sales growing at a CAGR of 3%.
The difference between three decades ago and today, however, is that K-C has plenty of company in the adult incontinence marketplace, which has become a strategic growth area for newcomers and established companies alike.
The projected forecast period constant value CAGR of the incontinence category is 4%, the majority of sales coming from moderate/heavy incontinence products.
Stress incontinence is more common in women while the dominant type in men is urge conti- nence.
Pamela Foye, Founder and CEO of Oopsie explains "I started Oopsie in January 2014 with my daughters and mother, because we realized that there are a lot of women, like ourselves, that have occasional incontinence.
Dual incontinence of urine and stool was reported by 7% of the study population.
Mobility impairment is associated with urge but not stress urinary incontinence in community-dwelling older women: results from the Ossebo study [published online ahead of print June 10, 2013].
When it comes to adult incontinence, maintaining one's confidence, independence and -- most of all -- dignity becomes fundamental to overall quality of life.
All types of incontinence are treatable, but it's important to understand what type of incontinence is causing the leakage, because the ways to address it are very different.
Common clinical conditions associated with urinary and fecal incontinence include skin maceration, erosion, or denuding of the skin and skin infections, such as candidiasis.
Here, the IFFGD takes on the subject of bowel incontinence.
They found the prevalence of urinary incontinence was 15% for black women and 33% for white women (J.