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likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason

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An inconstant elf, he knows not himself, Nor his own changing mind an hour, He'll smile in your face, and, with wry grimace, He'll wither your youngest flower.
He had already had a misgiving that the inconstant actors in that dazzling vision had been doing the same thing the night before last, and would do it again that night, and the next, and for weeks and months to come, though he would not be there.
9-Quirat : Inconstant dans ses productions, il lui faudra neanmoins ne pas negliger ses chances car vu les conditions de la course du jour, il peut venir sur le parcours retenu repeter ses excellentes performances du debut de meeting.
TARBELA GHAZI -- Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Affairs Asif Karmani said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had lost its confidence among the people of Pakistan due to its own unwise, un realistic, inconstant political policies and incompetence in political affairs.
hour life, only if one of the many components from varied sources does not fail, or electromagnetic/harmonic/ inconstant voltage/wattage does not intervene.
What farmer or manufacturer will lay himself out for the encouragement given to any particular cultivation or establishment, when he can have no assurance that his preparatory labors and advances will not render him a victim to an inconstant government?
We'd rather issue an updated guidebook on charity projects with recent changes in rates, determine or fix expenses, and give examples of these inconstant overheads in Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, and other countries.
Not unlike the ancients who used ritual artifacts to help map the inconstant moon, VanDerBeek employs photography as a contemporary means to track the passage of time through the interaction of objects and light.
However tirelessly we pursue the goal of full-proof prophylaxis, we also need to be realistic about how porous the borders will remain as mass communications further vola-tize an already inconstant public opinion.
We can say, constant development pays more attention to environment and its protection in lieu of inconstant development from other factors, in addition environment around us is a suitable place for human life, it is the most important source for human nourishing, as well.
These stairs are essential transit routes within the school and are inconstant use, this usage must be maintained throughout the contract.
That his attitudes and emotions feel just as fickle and inconstant as the muse who continues to elude him sometimes makes the album seem like nothing more than an expression of the crushing, hormone-addled highs and lows of adolescence: at the same time, it also makes it a record that anyone who has ever been a teenager can identify with.
The High Commission of India is inconstant touch with the Singapore authorities to ascertain the facts of the incidents.
constant-I think Which breaths inconstant From that moment then to now.