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Synonyms for inconstancy

unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous

the quality of being changeable and variable

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No Morgan Dollar has ever graded at the 70 level due to inconstancies in the minting process throughout the years, making the MS69 Prooflike grade of this 1880-S Morgan truly astonishing.
However, Cope's discussion of aesthetics in the NWOBHM reveals some inconstancies and apparent gaps in his theory.
He further cautioned the PML-N could not keep quiet and unconcerned over inconstancies of incumbents, and their regular flirtations with constitution, stressing that PML-N would always resist such imprudent moves.
This led in 1967 to Zhao's being purged and reduced to laborer status until, typically of Mao's inconstancies, he was rehabilitated in 1971 and appointed the Party secretary for Inner Mongolia.