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Synonyms for inconspicuous

Synonyms for inconspicuous

not readily noticed or seen

Synonyms for inconspicuous

not prominent or readily noticeable



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The team, which includes 10 final-year students with a deep passion for zoology, used plasticine models of the poisonous adder, with its inconspicuous zigzag band, to see if they are avoided by birds.
Think of them collectively as inconspicuous technology.
But he reminds consumers to follow the instructions and first color test the stain on an inconspicuous part of the garment.
By focusing on operating efficiency, low overhead costs, and supply chain management, North American commercial tissue manufacturers continue to battle for this inconspicuous, but vital, market.
Yet in parish after parish, we've seen statues of Our Lady removed or relegated to some inconspicuous corner.
The complementing colored substrate of the sheet makes minor scratches and dents inconspicuous.
Smaller than many other disconnect buckles, it is light, inconspicuous, and easy to disengage with one hand.
La Cueva, a signless, inconspicuous club on a vibrant but gritty stretch of 26th Street--the main drag of Chicago's Mexican community La Villita--is by many accounts the oldest existing Latino drag club in the country.
Before their abominable plan is put into effect, the terrorists who seize the plane are similarly unremarkable, and utterly inconspicuous.
Always test an inconspicuous spot first to make sure the color won't fade.
These, with specifically located windows, allow the changing seasons to animate the internal spaces, resulting in the modest 128sqm house feeling significantly bigger that its form suggests; to neighbouring onlookers, however, the house was far from inconspicuous.
Mensch und Sonne (all works 2005) is a poolside view from within a compound whose architectural centerpiece, a panoptical aluminum cylinder festooned with eight protruding tubes, is as inconspicuous as a UFO landing on a Case Study House.
The pint-sized Premiership star is now the proud owner of a rather less than inconspicuous Humvee jeep, resplendent with flash rotating hub-caps for when he wants to, er, rotate his hubcaps.
Fisher Brothers' senior partner, Richard Fisher, had as inconspicuous a start in the real estate business as anyone could imagine.
STAFF at bailed-out US insurance giant AIG have been warned to stay inconspicuous amid anger at its pounds 114billion bonus pay-out.