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devoid of harmony and accord

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The results are inconsonance with the findings of Safdar (1997) who reported that green fodder yield; protein, fiber and total ash contents were increased with nitrogen rates in maize and similarly Tariq (1998) reported that in fodder maize, by increasing nitrogen levels; crude protein, crude fiber and ash contents were increased.
In contrast to the consensus on the predicted effects of EPL on the flows of workers and jobs, there is an inconsonance in the expected employment consequences of EPL among economic models with different behavioral and environmental assumptions.
Researchers have used a variety of approaches; this variety, in turn, has led to an inconsonance in the overall findings concerning "job lock.
But she took considerable solace from lunch-time walks through Wall Street's architectural inconsonance, where colonial churches abide alongside cathedrals of commerce.
Medium/short term objectives should include the police, intelligence agencies reforms, anti-terrorism legislation inconsonance with threat perception, creation of a Counter- Terrorism Force (CTF) with integral intelligence capability, prosecution branch under a unified command structure at the federal level with authority and capability to operate and act immediately throughout Pakistan on actionable intelligence.