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Synonyms for inconsiderable

Synonyms for inconsiderable

Antonyms for inconsiderable

too small or unimportant to merit attention


References in classic literature ?
It seems as if you could throw a stone across from cliff to cliff; yet, the valley is near two thousand feet deep: so that the river looks like an inconsiderable stream.
These lonely channels would frequently reverberate with the falls of ice, and so often would great waves rush along their coasts; numerous icebergs, some as tall as cathedrals, and occasionally loaded with "no inconsiderable blocks of rock," would be stranded on the outlying islets; at intervals violent earthquakes would shoot prodigious masses of ice into the waters below.
Perched on the rim of Michael's pannikin, this inconsiderable adventurer from out of the dark into the sun of life, a mere spark and mote between the darks, by a ruffing of his salmon-pink crest, a swift and enormous dilation of his bead-black pupils, and a raucous imperative cry, as of all the gods, in his throat, could make Michael give back and permit the fastidious selection of the choicest tidbits of his dish.
Some ill-conditioned persons who sneer at the life-matrimonial, may perhaps suggest, in this place, that the good couple would be better likened to two principals in a sparring match, who, when fortune is low and backers scarce, will chivalrously set to, for the mere pleasure of the buffeting; and in one respect indeed this comparison would hold good; for, as the adventurous pair of the Fives' Court will afterwards send round a hat, and trust to the bounty of the lookers-on for the means of regaling themselves, so Mr Godfrey Nickleby and HIS partner, the honeymoon being over, looked out wistfully into the world, relying in no inconsiderable degree upon chance for the improvement of their means.
To say the truth, Mr Allworthy's situation had never been so bad as the great caution of the doctor had represented it: but as a wise general never despises his enemy, however inferior that enemy's force may be, so neither doth a wise physician ever despise a distemper, however inconsiderable.
Jarman is likely to be asked to lend his not inconsiderable experience to the Barry cause, but Town are still without skipper Jon French and front runner Jamie Moralee.
But why should hard-working parents who pay their taxes year in, year out, be forced into buying separate jabs at their own, not inconsiderable, expense?
But also let's take this opportunity to thank parents who week in and week out take their children to music lessons and shoulder the not inconsiderable expense of doing so to make sure Huddersfield remains a world-leader when it comes to making music.
In their midst, the 2007-08 crop under the spotlight here have Pandorama, On Raglan Road - purchased by Graham Wylie for the not inconsiderable sum of 320,000gns - and Fabalu, a recent winner at Wetherby for Donald McCain.
One of the report's authors, Professor John Curtice, added: "Discriminatory attitudes are held for the most part only by a minority of Scots but in some cases that minority is not an inconsiderable one.
One can only commiserate with Mr Tivy after his burning urge to spend a penny cost him a not inconsiderable fine and costs of pounds 305.
We are now in a position to announce that the difficulties, by no means inconsiderable, have at last been arranged and that the rebuilding will commence at the close of the year.
On Wednesday, he was using his old head (and his not inconsiderable bahookie) to play out time in the Old Firm clash.
Waves is an innovative venture by experienced special needs teacher Sallyanne Green who has put her heart, soul and a not inconsiderable amount of money into providing an excellent facility.
The reasons for her not inconsiderable sale price are obvious.