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lacking consequence

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There are very few errors in this book, and those I found are inconsequentially minor (the city of Yogyakarta is southwest of Solo, not southeast as is stated on p.
Afflicted by a lung disease that caused him regular bouts of suffocation, and that he bore with remarkable courage, he took his own life in 1995, on, as Dosse inconsequentially notes, the same day Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.
Not inconsequentially, it was while working as a newspaper editor in northern California that Walker first took up filibustering.
Not inconsequentially, paying members for abstract reviewing would entail significant fiscal obligation, an unwelcome burden to any organization and one that would likely result in higher conference registration fees.
One day he came into my office and out of the blue, totally inconsequentially, he started talking about this little photograph of him.
There simply were not enough qualified men to fill the demand, and so employers increasing turned to women, who, not inconsequentially, they could pay less.
All My Sons, The People's Theatre, Newcastle, until Saturday ARTHUR Miller's second play - and first commercial success - begins almost inconsequentially.
To put it bluntly, they were an utter shambles at the tail end of the 2007 season, still blighted by the retirements of people like Maynard, Steve James and Adrian Dale, not to mention a chaotic overseas recruitment record that had seen the wrong people arrive for inconsequentially short spells.
Te threat the thieves posed was practical and immediate--subjective and abstract, too, presumably, albeit inconsequentially and irrecuperably so--and their practice was troublingly subversive, requiring therefore to be exposed in order that it might be expunged.
52) Second, some scholars contend that a clearer standard would only lead to bickering among states over its precise meaning, so that any added clarity would inconsequentially shift the debate from one source of dispute to another.
215, is inconsequentially different from 0, but that the kurtosis value is quite significant.
Not inconsequentially, this is green technology and a major step toward becoming paperless.
He is the boy standing on the burning deck and whistling inconsequentially the old tunes of his predecessor.
By drawing on Polanyi, and also casually and rather inconsequentially on Gramsci and Foucault, Munck reveals eventually his "transformationalist" approach which basically means placing social movements at the centre of anti-global capitalism--a point that is only raised in the last six pages of the book.
pharmaceutical companies with deep links to an independent medical profession, and with a significant business commitment to a large and expanding use of prescription drugs, especially in publicly funded plans (and not inconsequentially, with a track record of marshalling public and financial support for those who share their world view);