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lacking consequence

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So, to take an example, a key effect of contraction is notable throughout the poem, as language and metre conspire to convey the sense of lines of thought trailing off inconsequentially, often with the dead-end of a poetic line.
11) Not inconsequentially, Brodhead adds, regional fiction also substituted "safe" native communities like the Creole or Tennessee mountain folk or, in the case of Martin's writing, the Pennsylvania Dutch, for the new immigrants who were crowding into American cities: Chinese, southern Italians, Russian Jews, and Slavs.
This is no small matter, as it seems clear that much of the fight about gay marriage on both sides is less about the specific rights that marriage guarantees to couples and more so a status movement to have some relationships, and not inconsequentially the sex they apparently imply, recognized as legitimate--or not--in the eyes of others (Gusfield, 20-24).
Without his panzers and Luftwaffe, Eddison argues, Hitler would simply be an undistinguished artist sitting in a Munich bar babbling conspiracy theories, an inconsequentially tragic individual who had allowed the universe to get the better of him.
There are plenty of reasons to go ahead with a project now: the need, the city's good bond rating, the reimbursement rate, and, perhaps not inconsequentially, the fact that councilors are not running for re-election right now.
end of the white spot was timed as crossing the CM at 22:36 UT, inconsequentially one minute ahead of B.
There are very few errors in this book, and those I found are inconsequentially minor (the city of Yogyakarta is southwest of Solo, not southeast as is stated on p.
Afflicted by a lung disease that caused him regular bouts of suffocation, and that he bore with remarkable courage, he took his own life in 1995, on, as Dosse inconsequentially notes, the same day Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.
To cite a more specific example, how are we to describe the modernism of a text that begins with a protagonist moving so singly, slowly, and inconsequentially that her journey is described as "a long monotonous succession of peaceful and undeviating changes .
Not inconsequentially, several biologics are novel, first-in-class entities that enjoy virtual monopolies with the ability to command high prices.
Not inconsequentially, it was while working as a newspaper editor in northern California that Walker first took up filibustering.
Not inconsequentially, paying members for abstract reviewing would entail significant fiscal obligation, an unwelcome burden to any organization and one that would likely result in higher conference registration fees.
One day he came into my office and out of the blue, totally inconsequentially, he started talking about this little photograph of him.
There simply were not enough qualified men to fill the demand, and so employers increasing turned to women, who, not inconsequentially, they could pay less.
To put it bluntly, they were an utter shambles at the tail end of the 2007 season, still blighted by the retirements of people like Maynard, Steve James and Adrian Dale, not to mention a chaotic overseas recruitment record that had seen the wrong people arrive for inconsequentially short spells.