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Synonyms for inconsequent

Synonyms for inconsequent

lacking worth or importance

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He was still more perplexed, for this inconsequent smile made nothing clear, though it seemed to prove, indeed, that she had a sweetness and softness that reverted instinctively to the pardon of offenses.
But can the placement again on the watchlist amid changed geopolitical environment, rising trust deficit between the United States and Pakistan and our worsening external account turn out to be as inconsequent as the government wants to make us believe?
Renegat au sang qui coule dans son corps, traitre aux aspirations des peuples du Maghreb, fomenteur de crises car magouilleur, irresponsable, indigne, inconsequent et vaniteux, il subira l'opprobre reserve aux dechets de l'Histoire.
I believe that the Supreme Court should confirm whether everything was reviewed based on evidence, circumstances and the factual situation, because there are many inconsequent things.
He is inconsequent and voluble, ill poised and insecure.
The more intense the sense of one's individual significance, the more inconsequent and even spectral the other lives that got in one's way.
The rich play between explicit references to the historical Ariosto's life and the inconsequent narrator who presents himself as mad, sycophantic, philogynist/misogynist, and distracted draw constant comments from students.
Conversely, a supplier with low dependence on the buyer will perceive the reward to be inconsequent relative to alternative options and will create low levels of motivation.
beaucoup moins que] Il serait inconsequent et irrealiste d'envoyer des troupes francaises en Syrie au sol.
Beji Caid Essebssi (BCE) s'est revele inconsequent en depechant des representations diplomatiques dont il ne pouvait assurer la securite et puis en cedant au chantage des terroristes.
The second factor, Aggression, is related to reactions in which the individual does not consider the other to get what they want, and are inconsequent, often violent.
Wharton's Jazz Age novel describes a Harlem club scene, "all warm and jolly and inconsequent," wherein "black dancers tossed and capered like ripe fruits .
the world, returns as punishment and answer for his inconsequent acts.
2) The Emergence of Mind, the book upon which McHale comments, is inconsequent in its approach, he argues (121-22).
Perhaps this is what Wilson means by the sentence as bridge carrying meaning; the short and almost inconsequent independent clauses become the structure upon which hangs the significance of the passage itself.