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But the three-hour meeting ended inconclusively, with ministers sharply at odds over the right course of action, army radio's diplomatic correspondent reported.
The Iranian lawmaker reiterated that the Syrian conflict should be resolved politically, especially after the International Geneva II Peace Conference between the Syrian government and the western-backed opposition ended inconclusively.
The IMF said that if talks continue inconclusively it foresees growth in Palestinian Gross Domestic Product of about 2.
Thailand's snap election yesterday ended inconclusively with the Election Commission postponing announcing results because of the messy nature of the polls.
ISLAMABAD -- Meeting of Parliamentary Committee (PC) on appointment of judges has ended inconclusively owing to non development of consensus among member of committee on certain names for appointment of judges in various high courts.
Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia met with Iran last month in Kazakhstan on the nuclear program, but, as with previous three rounds of talks, the meeting ended inconclusively with the only point of agreement to meet again.
Eight days of punishing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and a barrage of Hamas rocket fire on Israeli ended inconclusively.
Monday's session ended inconclusively due to the absence of representatives from the judiciary commission , and the members were unprepared for the approval of the law.
Negotiations on the remaining funds since then have ended inconclusively because the MB and the Salafis by late 2011 together had secured about 70% of the seats at Egypt's two houses of parliament.
But with the campaign dragging on inconclusively, there have been increasing international calls for a negotiated end to the conflict.
Sonatrach had discussions on this with Petro-Canada in 2000-01 but the talks ended inconclusively.
Although the war ended inconclusively, the armistice made possible the "long peace" in northeast Asia and "planted the seeds of South Korean freedom and prosperity.
The first expedition ended inconclusively and the second was abandoned with Hideyoshi's death in 1598.
Many analysts are already anticipating that Sunday's presidential elections in Poland will end inconclusively and that there'll be a second round of voting two weeks later.
The latter addresses an issue on which scholars of divergent persuasions have locked horns, inconclusively, in a much publicized academic debate.