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Synonyms for inconclusive

Synonyms for inconclusive

Antonyms for inconclusive

not conclusive

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185 if the calf is removed within 21 days (3 weeks) of the first positive or inconclusive test.
If serologic testing is inconclusive or there is evidence of recent infection with either Zika or dengue virus, patients should be clinically managed for both infections because they might have been infected with either virus.
The first and second meetings on January 18, and January 27, remained inconclusive, while the meeting on January 30 was partially successful as both the sides announced to resume travel ties.
A sample from the residence in question and an aviation fuel sample have been independently analysed and the results were inconclusive.
When additional material became available to retest the inconclusive cases (from subsequent excision of new tumors or receipt of additional pathology), the results were informative and no longer in conclusive.
Despite the inconclusive test results and lack of accompanying statistical analysis, the trial judge admitted the DNA samples and expert testimony into evidence over the objection of Mattei's counsel.
However, as the MDT tests were inconclusive, the well has now been plugged and abandoned.
CHILD porn allegations against Shannon Matthews' former stepdad Craig Meehan are insubstantial and inconclusive, a court heard yesterday.
Police started a murder investigation days later after it was revealed that the autopsy, which investigators said was inconclusive at first, found that he died of manual strangulation.
91 (image test inconclusive due to excess body fat) with another code that represents the patient's documented body mass index.
Tests on five more animals at the community proved inconclusive and more tests will be carried out on the 54-strong herd in 60 days' time.
Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City has delivered a frustratingly inconclusive report that raises more questions than it answers.
A POST-mortem examination on a 10 month-old girl who died at a house on the Isle of Wight has proved inconclusive.
The justices engaged in a lively but inconclusive debate over how to apply a 180-day deadline for complaining about discriminatory pay decisions under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.
By November 2002, the fact sheet resurfaced with the message that the results of the studies were inconclusive.