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Synonyms for incompressible

unyielding to pressure or force

Antonyms for incompressible

incapable of being compressed


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The idealized rubber bands want to shrink as much as possible, but because the material is also incompressible, they can't make the doughnut shrink to nothing.
All the rubber components were modeled as incompressible continuum elements.
LOWE, Local projection stabilization for incompressible flow problems (in German), Master Thesis, Department of Mathematics, Georg-August University Gdttingen, 2008.
Assuming that the planets have a similar internal constitution as the Sun, we can consider these objects as spheres of incompressible liquid being in a weightless state.
In this paper, we discuss the problem of oscillating flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in a circular horizontal pipe with adverse pressure gradient under the assumption of parallel flow to the axis of the pipe.
First, the basic governing equations for the incompressible model proposed by the author in a recent work (11) are addressed, which give the starting point of the proposed compressible model.
Childress (Courant Institute) developed the material for a one-semester graduate course introducing classical fluid mechanics within the mathematics curriculum that replaced the previous two-semester introductory sequence by combining ideal and viscous incompressible fluids with compressible flow, gas dynamics, and shock waves.
Code development also includes development and implementation of advanced turbulence models and state of the art algorithms for compressible and incompressible flows.
They include numerical techniques for application in compressible and incompressible flows, turbulence, and combustion, focusing on those numerical methods that are suitable to three-dimensional flows.
Among his topics are properties of fluids, vorticity dynamics in incompressible flows, fluid dynamic loads on bodies in incompressible flows, airfoils in incompressible flows, and an outline of bluff-body aerodynamics.
The services to be provided by the contractor concern analysis and optimisations for several ITER structures, systems and components (SSC) under compressible and incompressible regimes in order to evaluate the compliance with technical or functional requirements.
The floating mold was developed around the principle that some fluids such as water are incompressible, especially in the low-pressure molding ranges utilized by this process.
8 NATURE, that the equation of state for a neutron star must be highly incompressible, or stiff.
Outside a spherical mass of incompressible fluid (or any static mass of the same shape), the Schwarzschild line elements [3, 4] are the same as (A1) and (A2) except that for the fluid model
The present investigation deals with the heat transfer in the flow of an incompressible non-Newtonian second-order fluid between two enclosed counter torsionally oscillating discs with uniform suction and injection in the presence of magnetic.