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Synonyms for incomparably

Synonyms for incomparably

in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree



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Officials say one million migrants are camped on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, waiting to embark on a life that is incomparably better than the one they are leaving behind.
With its incomparably long, luxurious, dense under-fur and light weight, the most expensive fur in the world continues to be the Russian sable.
Vicuna is the finest natural fiber in the world, incomparably light, soft, and durable.
It could be done, it would be incomparably fairer than a mansion tax, which is a confiscation tax on government's incompetence to control inflation.
In the longer term, the new special economic zone will be part of an incomparably large metropolis linking the already extremely dense agglomeration of Hong Kong/Shenzhen/ Guangzhou to form one continuous conurbation.
Coe said that Coleman was so incomparably better than anyone else who did it, in that generation or the current.
A few dozen thousand poorly armed fighters of Poland's clandestine Home Army fought for 63 days against the incomparably larger German land and air forces.
instruction and research at American universities: in 198 leading research universities, administration costs have been rising incomparably faster than funds for instruction and research.
Unique surface effects of incomparably high dense and softer touch can be achieved by combining four different technologies in just one operation: Brush-sueding and Emerizing (XEB), Emerizing (XE), Brush-Sueding (XB) and Raising and Emerizing (XRE).
I cannot help but suspect there are problems in the entire quality of the (stress test) operations at TEPCO,'' Edano told reporters, adding that the number of errors in the utility's report it submitted to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency earlier was incomparably high compared with other cases.
The farm Bites' owner, and the initiator of the new organization, Inese Bartusevica said that the large pig farms "are doing notable damage to nature and the people of Latvia, and their contribution is incomparably smaller; therefore we have to actively oppose them.
He did, of course, inherit Tchaikovsky's incomparably hummable score - the second act alone is a veritable top 10 of ballet tunes subliminally absorbed into mainstream culture - and was aided immeasurably by John Macfarlane's extraordinary designs.
The price we will pay tomorrow will be incomparably larger than what we are called to pay today," he said.
And, of course, the television schedule usually includes My Fair Lady, allowing me to go all dewyeyed as I watch the incomparably beautiful Audrey Hepburn's transformation from Cockney street urchin to society flower.