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Synonyms for incomparably

Synonyms for incomparably

in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree



References in classic literature ?
She is incomparably the greatest female writer we possess.
Nor will this surprise any one who reflects how ignorant we are on this head, even in regard to mankind, so incomparably better known than any other animal.
From a distance the view somewhat resembles that of Tierra del Fuego; but the woods, when seen nearer, are incomparably more beautiful.
Thus in the fight of the Red Cross Knight with his special enemy, the dragon, where, of course, the Knight must be victorious, it is evident that without the author's help the dragon is incomparably the stronger.
She shrank from the incomparably insolent manner of the governess.
We did not see anything more: it was incomparably beautiful.
It is common among certain schools to regard the knowledge of our own mental processes as incomparably more certain than our knowledge of the "external" world; this view is to be found in the British philosophy which descends from Hume, and is present, somewhat veiled, in Kant and his followers.
He is--but you are incomparably more graceful, Sedley," Osborne added, laughing.
I had still enough of the honest man in me to welcome the postponement of our actual felonies, to dread their performance, to deplore their necessity: which is merely another way of stating the too patent fact that I was an incomparably weaker man than Raffles, while every whit as wicked.
It was the stage where, dressed splendidly for his part, he strutted, incomparably dignified, made important by the power he had to awaken an absurd expectation of something heroic going to take place--a burst of action or song--upon the vibrating tone of a wonderful sunshine.
Day after day he appeared before us, incomparably faithful to the illusions of the stage, and at sunset the night descended upon him quickly, like a falling curtain.
He lied incomparably, but he didn't reckon on his temperament.
To the compliment he had some pretensions; for, at that time, his exertions, sacrifices, and general merits in the cause of his country had been incomparably greater than those of Colonel Washington.
Still, Mest'an observes that, although the Germans tended to suppress the Czechs in politics historically, they published incomparably more translations from Czech literature than from the friendly Western world.
After all, though we have incomparably more physical blessings than they did, we can learn much from their way of thanksgiving.