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Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

such that comparison is impossible


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252) Finnis, supra note 250, at 111-18; Elizabeth Anderson, Practical Reason and Incommensurable Goods, in Incommensurability, Incomparability, and Practical Reason, supra note 249, at 90, 90-91; Cass R.
This absolute incomparability must be distinguished from the judgment of relative incomparability with which we assess the artists we value the most or
The main problems with vaccination studies are their incomparability and the changing patterns over time.
The speech constituted a stand--a stand that neoconservatives encouraged and wanted repeated: clarification on democratic opposition to tyranny, and support for absolutes, in particular, and, unapologetically, the necessity and incomparability of freedom.
A co-connected component of a poset Q is a connected component of the incomparability graph of Q.
5) Generally, the idea of legal incommensurability refers, roughly, to the rational incomparability, or the "unweighability" on any common measuring scale, of the two or more competing values or interests at stake.
Under GAAP, incomparability often stems from "bright line" rules that are intended to increase comparability.
Studies continually illustrate the incomparability of interventions due to the different methodologies used, distinct timeframes and, indeed, challenges in identifying and/or obtaining data for comparative populations, in addition to gaps in data-collection systems relating to service provision and subsequent follow-up (notably in relation to levels of drug use and reconviction rates).
Importantly, these difficulties are present whether the state is aware of the incomparability of this measure across members of these two communities or not.
attributes whose value is wrapped up in their incomparability.
Furthermore, because of biases of one gear type sampling more efficiently in one habitat than another, and the incomparability of sampling different habitats with different gear types, these comparisons of artificial and natural habitat may underestimate the value of artificial habitats.
Liu, Lattice-Valued Logic An Alternative Approach to Treat Fuzziness and Incomparability, Springer, New York, 2003.
Such activities can dramatically change a firm's asset base, capital structure, and often lead to industry changes, thereby causing incomparability and rendering empirical results meaningless.
Incommensurability, Incomparability and Practical Reason (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1997).