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Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

such that comparison is impossible


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The incomparability of the dimensions (in a strict sense) does not necessarily lead to a position that prohibits trade-offs between different dimensions based on moral and other reasons.
276) Ruth Chang, Introduction to INCOMMENSURABILITY, INCOMPARABILITY, AND Practical Reason, supra note 267, at 1, 16.
To judge that this urinal is art, in spite of the feeling it elicits of an absolute incomparability with all pre-1917 art, is to make the one aesthetic judgment needed to properly acknowledge receipt of Duchamp's message.
The synthetic matching method and DID analysis combined appropriately dealt with the incomparability between the control and treatment groups for the first time on this question.
The likelihood of problems arising due to data incomparability is minimal.
Jay Folie, who hosted the Laud in GH , has stated that the idea is to assemble Ghana locals in one stage so that they can see the incomparability of local music from the preferred artistes.
1997, Incommensurability, Incomparability, and Practical Reason, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.
As a consequence, a complete pre-order is then induced, which also means that no incomparability is allowed and the indifference relation among alternatives is transitive (Roy 1996).
The main problems with vaccination studies are their incomparability and the changing patterns over time.
Melanoma stage at diagnosis was based on historic stage (localized, regional, and distant) to avoid incomparability issues with different staging systems.
These incomparability and reference-point problems undermine the validity of international comparisons of well-being across countries and also lead to underestimation of the effect of income on happiness.
The speech constituted a stand--a stand that neoconservatives encouraged and wanted repeated: clarification on democratic opposition to tyranny, and support for absolutes, in particular, and, unapologetically, the necessity and incomparability of freedom.
As the infinite/ finite paradox is lived in the absolute uniqueness of the decisive moment, standardization must contend with the incomparability of two divergent processes: individualizing and standardizing.
A co-connected component of a poset Q is a connected component of the incomparability graph of Q.