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not corresponding in size or degree or extent

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41) There must be ways the incommensurately good God defeats a person's participation in horrendous evil and gives that person's life a "positive meaning through organic unity with a great enough good within the context of his/her life.
Perkoff's theatrical conjoining of jazz and poetry enables the incommensurately expository logics of verbal art and the incremental logic of music to merge in a collage that empowers both expressions of imaginative expression.
Pulse crops present an abnormal performance where the area harvested decreased but the yield increased incommensurately.
This is irrelevant to my argument that the number of Kimberley points held in museum collections, given they were made and used in such a chronologically and spatially limited area, is incommensurately large when compared with other artefact types (Harrison 2006).
Krauss, who was invited to the 1990 WiG conference, bore witness to the incommensurately eventful times.
activity in that state and no state overreaches to tax incommensurately.