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not corresponding in size or degree or extent

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Kaslik therefore depicts Giselle's physical starvation as a deliberate attempt to repress emotional needs she perceives as incommensurate with her father's demands of middle-class individualism and self-reliance.
8220;With this alternative reality in mind, I attempt to reintroduce hope, optimism, generosity, sincerity, and love in an age that seems incommensurate to them while simultaneously exploring whether this sentimental engagement can be a form of political resistance.
And why the opposition groups enter into an unequal and incommensurate competition under the rule of the (NCP) that has all the potential of winning through fraud, money stolen from the public burse and people's rights, the mass media supported by the State budget and the heavy-handed National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) that stifles public freedoms and arbitrary arrests.
He said: "The Council's Redundancy Compensation Scheme is incommensurate with the schemes of most of Wales' Councils.
Because type 1 musculature is easily activated and is slow to deactivate, nearly all choice that entails moment to moment imminent feasible loss due to incommensurate or conflicting choices must be eliminated or deferred for a continuous period of time for the musculature to totally relax, and this is what meditative and resting protocols implicitly do, and for mindfulness procedures, it is what they explicitly do.
Two, the conviction of the guilty under Section 304( A) of the Indian Penal Code which prescribes a maximum punishment of two years for death due to a rash and negligent act seems grossly incommensurate with the consequences of such negligence -- the death of more than 15,000 people and injuries to lakhs others in the worst industrial disaster in human history.
The fundamental problem in our current research efforts is that "the prevailing conceptual base of our investigation is incommensurate with the rheumatic disease problems which we confront.
Admitting neither theft nor license, their interiors contain multitudes incommensurate to the span of a single life.
His concerns revolve around his belief that the measurements applied to assess educational capacity are incommensurate with current needs.
Building a CV strategically involves avoiding projects that consume significant quantities of time and effort but have uncertain or very long-term payoffs (or payoffs that are simply incommensurate with the effort invested).
In fact, cohabitants in an emergent global polity can hold incommensurate views of, for instance, democracy, ecology, gender relations, and the sacred.
The thesis of moral overlap between theism and atheism, for example, is incommensurate with his claim that atheism generates no usable moral codes (based, for example, on neo-Aristotelian naturalism).
Over the last two decades, several management researchers have attempted to integrate seemingly incommensurate theories and approaches to organizational effectiveness, with the idea that multiple views are superior to a single perspective.
Positivistic and nonpositivistic researchers have vested interests in their paradigms and different incommensurate underlying philosophies of science.