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not corresponding in size or degree or extent

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It is incommensurate with the doctrine, because the doctrine involves the structural relation between nature and grace and hence has its ultimate formal basis not in the divine will, and hence not in the will of Christ, but in the divine intellect, what Pope John Paul II himself calls "the wisdom of the Lord of the universe.
This book provides enough evidence on each of these topics (however glancingly) to suggest to this reader that commitment to incommensurate models of masculinized power--rather than slavery or revolution per se--was the motor that impelled the brothers Brown.
Likewise, suggests Martin in chapter 2, "The Paradox of the One: Language as Universal Medium" (27-53), language viewed as a universal medium in effect voids language's ability to represent anything beyond language itself, evacuating its referential potential and rendering wholly incommensurate the worlds bounded by (and bound up with) different representational systems.
The story of the tiny Italian Protestant community appears incommensurate with those of the volume's other groups.
As one of their defining properties, Fourier transforms of quasiperiodic functions are discrete sets of delta-functions; they can always be expressed as a series of sine and cosine terms, but with incommensurate lengths, or a number of arithmetically independent basis vectors that exceeds the number of independent variables.
In other words, if the enclosure of land did not, in however mediated and indirect a way, "produce" the various "superstructural" developments which are attended to here with such impressive care, then what really justifies the juxtaposition of otherwise incommensurate materials?
The synthesis does not force together incommensurate theoretical positions.
Political coalitions contained groups with incommensurate demands; business unity proved illusory; and unanticipated outcomes challenged managerial prerogatives.
Suites and advertising renewals different from both historical levels and projected levels to the extent that debt service coverage ratios are incommensurate with a 'BBB-' rating.
What Egypt presented so far from its actions to eliminate climate change is incommensurate with such crises," the statement added.
The head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Agency -- a branch of the Commerce ministry -- rejected the charges of profiteering and incommensurate reductions.
Utterly immaterial, the mental states described (a particular emotion, a great concern) are ones prior to, or incommensurate with, language and image, a disproportionality that was thrown into relief throughout the show by the presentation of words in big, candy-hued, sans serif fonts.
Evans's introduction succinctly articulates the thematic unity of the volume, and her preface emphasizes that the intentions of medieval theologians were incommensurate with those of modern theologians, and that thus their achievements cannot be evaluated in the same terms.
Taking advantage of the strong scattering of electrons, the presence of incommensurate modulations has been established in several compounds.
This one-sidedness is not helped by relentless appropriation of incommensurate critical theories: Lacan, Mauss, Girard, Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Wordsworth - all are made to say the same thing.