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impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence

not having a common factor

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It will not do simply to say, as Coyle and others keep insisting, that GDP measures production or "output" because the economy produces outputs of many different, directly incommensurable goods and services, and the meaning of "output" in the aggregate is only as coherent as the means employed to render the components' values comparable and hence subject to meaningful addition.
47) In fact, it is not currently feasible to create an account that draws on a single axiom to resolve the problem--the theoretical premises of Realpolitik and idealism are incommensurable.
The three-day event, he added, disseminates recent methods and procedures designed to solve problems related to finance, insurance and portfolio selection formulated through a mathematical programming framework and for which a stack of conflicting and incommensurable objectives (criteria, attributes) is simultaneously optimised.
Et quand un cheval passe de vie a trepas, son proprietaire ressent une tristesse incommensurable semblable si ce n'est encore plus a la perte d'un etre cher.
Reducing to absurdity shows that the diagonal of a square with the measure of 1 produces incommensurable sides that are both even and odd.
There have recently been vigorous, at times acrimonious, disputes in the academy about the nature of "religion," the legitimacy of this theoretical, allegedly Western construct as a generic descriptive category for a multitude of historically and culturally heterogeneous, prima facie incommensurable phenomena, the coherence of religious studies as an academic field, and the feasibility of comparative religion and comparative theology.
One can it tries by two ways: supposing a new, exterior common platform for the mentioned images of the human beings, or recognizing the incommensurable plurality of these human images, with all consequences of this plurality.
The problem, of course, is that the contents of these views are in many cases incommensurable: natural law in medieval Christianity and the universalist assumptions of medieval Islam are both demonstrably a global ethic (of sorts), but they are also incommensurable.
The latter grows out of postliberal thinking that holds that religious traditions are, in the end, incommensurable and that we can talk credibly about only the tradition in which we stand.
The economic losses that Macedonia has from the EU and NATO non-membership are incommensurable.
In many fields of activity, legions of imprecise and incommensurable performance standards do not inspire confidence about claims of comparative performance advantages of one organization over another.
Standards of taste are culturally anchored, of course--but not incommensurable, not arbitrary.
The relationship between science and faith has unfortunately been misapprehended by many as incommensurable and even conflicting.
What Damisch described as an interference between two language games (one technical and geometric and the other phenomenological), in Massey's intellectual narrative becomes the overarching problem of accounting for the incommensurable split that exists between view and viewpoint in, every representational (or "signifying") system.