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Student loan deductions liberalized by the federal government were not changed for California income tax purposes.
The Mueller estate claimed it was entitled to equitable recoupment of the overpayment of the income tax.
Failure to permanently kill the income tax would create the risk that we would be stuck with both an income tax and a sales tax.
The tax made sense at a time when the income tax was essentially a tax on wealth, and when the payroll tax itself was very low.
The CIT and the income tax also differ in their treatment of international transactions.
Unitholders are to report the taxable portion of distributions received as "other income" on their 2005 income tax return.
All of these states, with the exception of Florida and Illinois, view this type of delivery as a protected activity that does not trigger a net income tax return filing requirement.
After reviewing the budget proposals contained in the Finance Bill, 2010, Senator Professor Khursheed Ahmed, Senator Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan and Senator Ms Afia Zia had proposed to the revised slabs of the applicability of income tax on income during 2010-11.
Implement as soon as practicable the 2005 budget announcement calling for phased corporate income tax rate reductions as well as the elimination of the corporate surtax.
Income tax claims generally are dischargeable if the return was timely filed and the due date was more than three years before the petition date.
It assumes that the income tax increase he plans for higher-income California taxpayers will cover the cost of universal preschool, based on the assumption that 70 percent of children will attend.
Income value-added tax with Social Security tax integration--This would substitute a broad-based, flat-rate income tax for current individual and corporate income taxes, as well as the payroll tax.
The publication is being targeted to corporate tax directors, state income tax specialists, CFOs and finance directors, as well as CPAs, attorneys and consultants specializing in state income tax issues.
Schulz has stopped paying federal income tax, and he isn't afraid to let anyone, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), know it.