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the total national income divided by the number of people in the nation

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Income per head will grow after 2014, and the middle to upper-income class will expand boosting demand on durable and high value goods.
Since 2000, the average income per head has almost tripled from $1,053 to $2,792.
While gross national income per head in Scotland in 2010 was PS26,000, most people took home a lot less.
National income per head in Monaco is over PS107,000; in Somalia it is just PS70 Four of the world's top 10 liveable cities are in Australia Between them overseas Indians and Chinese send nearly PS78.
But GDP income per head is lower than when the coalition Government took office in 2010 and will not return to its pre-recession level until 2018 at the current rate, said the TUC.
Serbia's rating is supported by its high income per head, superior human development and ease of doing business indicators relative to rating peers and recent EU decision to open accession talks with Serbia.
National income per head in the second quarter of the year was 13.
Only then can we hold our heads up high and have a high income per head.
It has flourishing industries, huge natural resources and a significantly higher income per head than, for example, Bulgaria, or Romania.
Income per head is a better guide and we're six times as rich as the Chinese - Britons are the 16th richest people on the globe with Wen's people back at 85th behind Turkmenistan, if ahead of El Salvador.
But, actually, if you look at the statistics, there is still a gap, we still do not have a high enough income per head.
The best measure is not overall GDP growth, but the growth of income per head of the working-age population (not per capita).
The percentage of Americans who reported that they were "very happy" remains stable at around $15,000 while income per head more than doubled in the 50-year period.