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a category of taxpayers based on the amount of their income

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For individuals below 60 years in this income bracket, additional savings would be ` 8,199.
Those in the highest income brackets spend a far smaller percentage of their income not only on housing, but across most basic categories like food, transportation, health care and education.
For every 10,000 white households in the country, 475 make it into the top income bracket, but in Chicago, the number jumps to 868.
In general, the lower their income bracket, the more likely Americans are to say they need to earn something above that level to live comfortably.
GORDON Brown recently boasted in Parliament how he had cut the rate of income tax by 2p - he failed to mention that by scrapping the 10 per cent lower band he had increased the tax paid by thousands of people in the lower income bracket.
The proposed budget reveals another trend--continuation of income tax cuts, which benefit mainly persons in the upper income bracket, and continuation of corporate tax cuts, which benefit mainly men.
Business operators surveyed believe only 23 per cent of their business stems from this income bracket.
With Saks Fifth Avenue, designer department store Richards of Greenwich, Coach, Tiffany, and Sephora lining its streets, Greenwich Avenue is catering to the upper income bracket of Fairfield and nearby Westchester County.
HARD-UP seniors are being clobbered with sky-high taxes keeping them rooted in the lowest income bracket, according to shock new figures.
Those in top 20% income bracket devoured the most cheese, vegetables, fruit and alcohol and the least milk, cream, fats, sugar, potatoes, cereals and confectionery.
Most people need to learn that they are not in the top 1% income bracket that would have its tax cuts reversed under Democratic leadership.
We may each exist within our demographic--as a man or a woman, as a member of an ethnic group and an income bracket, as a worker at a certain kind of job, as a defender of a certain ideology, as an enthusiast of art or music or science or movies or sports--but we cannot escape the singularity of a distinct self and a distinct past.
But they are also quite dose to the portraits commissioned by countless patriarchs and matriarchs across the country, customers sharing an income bracket, an aesthetic conservatism, and a desire for a status-rich image of their nearest and dearest.
Those in the US$90,000 to US$100,000 annual income bracket rose by 190% to 3,160; those in the US$100,000-US$150,000 bracket rose by 211% to 6,377; those earning US$150,000 or above rose by 382% to 4,477.
Kim also stressed he will put priority this year on enhancing welfare for the common people and those in the low income bracket.